Jairus Covers Brandy’s Right Here Departed

Make sure you check his youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jairi489 He also did Fullmoon! Advertisements

MediaTakeout’s Take!

MTO has jokes, as usual! No shade… but B is writing check and kelly is geting them oversees checks so I am not sure what MTO is talking about! I am not saying Brandy has no money but Brandy doesn’t currently have a record out! Kelly does MTO! Whatever!

Blog Updates!

  I love you all! Thanks a bunch for your continued support! Even on days and months when I do not update, you all still visit!  am trying to do better at updating the site as best as I can! In addition, I have some links belore for my other site that I hope you … Continue reading

Brandy Update #83

Wow!!!!! Listen to Brandy in the studio with Rhona Bennett… Rhona sounded great! Brandy has me with my mouth open.. How does she do it! I am so unashamed of the fact that I am a diehard fan! WOW! CLICK HERE  for the full snippet! Brandy was featured on Ustream in the studio early Monday … Continue reading

Brandy Pays Tribute to Michael/Interview!!

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/110857&tbid=k_878&premium=true&height=500&width=425]

Mr. Brandy?

They are calling this ut the Gospel Brandy.. what do you think? Check out this Article! KEVIN GRAY: CAN WE SAY MR. BRANDY NORWOOD! May 30, 2009 by Gerald   Shout out to my girl Kim who bought me this CD! She knows me very well. She said I think you should check him out and … Continue reading

Brandy Update #58

How about this for a throwback… Dang!!! Brandy’s baby daddy BLEW UP! Hope that chick by him aint who he got when him and Brandy broke up! I mean.. she aint THAT bad but she ain THAT good either! Do y’all think Brandy is really on Twitter? I see the updates but sometimes I don’t … Continue reading

Brandy Party Mix 2!!!

Afrojisiac has done it again! The party mix that you all loved so much has a part 2! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PARTY MIX 2!!! To hear Party Mix #1, CLICK HERE TO HEAR! Make sure you respond if you like so if he comes by he will know fans appreciated his work! Thanks … Continue reading

Song of the week: 1st & Love [Fan Made Videos]

I have been seeing a lot of great videos made by fans to 1st & Love so I thought I would feature some of my favorite! freshevolution EvolvoNate EvolvoNate and one of my favorites…chambersoo7

Real Music?