Video Footage of Brandy & Kelly Rowland in MAC!

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MediaTakeout’s Take!

MTO has jokes, as usual! No shade… but B is writing check and kelly is geting them oversees checks so I am not sure what MTO is talking about! I am not saying Brandy has no money but Brandy doesn’t currently have a record out! Kelly does MTO! Whatever!

Brandy & Kelly Rowland Shopping!

They are back together a agin and looking AMAZING!

Brandy Update #66: Brandy & Friends! (and 1 hater)

Okay so this blog is all about our girl Brandy but every now and again we like some material by other artists so this post is dedicated to the folks we (us & Brandy) like! …and we like Letoya Lucket! We Like whitney! We like Ray J! We Like Mamma Sonja! We love this new … Continue reading

Brandy Update #49

Its wird t think that I have almost wrote 50 of these updates! I love Brandy and I am excited about seeing her in conceert on Vantine’s Day! I have not yet bought my ticket… I am not sure what I am waiting on. Maybe today is the day! Enough about Me! Brandy is still hanging … Continue reading

Brandy Update #47

Well… Darn it! It appears that Kelly Rowland has broke up with Matthew and “nem” and of course was the first to break the great news! Well, what does that have to do with Brandy, you say! Many of the responses give Brandy props for telling Kelly some time agao that she needed to … Continue reading

Brandy Update #12

Enter to win Tickets to see Brandy perform at the Hob Gobble Nob Thanksgiving Day Event & Parade in Detroit. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! PULSE reports that Brandy and John Legend will be taping the video for his third single, “Quickly” this weekend. It will probably not debut until next year. They are shooting … Continue reading