Brandy Update #83

Wow!!!!! Listen to Brandy in the studio with Rhona Bennett… Rhona sounded great! Brandy has me with my mouth open.. How does she do it! I am so unashamed of the fact that I am a diehard fan! WOW! CLICK HERE ¬†for the full snippet! Brandy was featured on Ustream in the studio early Monday … Continue reading

Poll of the Day: What Upcoming Brandy Project are you most excited about?

Poll of the Day: Could a Brandy & Monica Tour Ever Work?

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Poll of the Day: Happy with the CD Promotion thus far?

People have complained that the promotion has been bad. There has been a lack of late night shows, etc. What do you think? What shows would you like to see Brandy on?

Poll of the Day: How many did you Buy?

Poll of the Day: What song on the album is your favorite?