Brandy Update #84

Well.. well..well! Hello readers! Thanks for your continued support! Check out some great Brandy updated in my WEEKEND WRAP-UP #7! I’m still trying to find out just how much B-Rocka we will be getting on the upcoming Timberland joint… I have a feeling we could be getting a banger or two! I am so … Continue reading

Brandt in Philly This Weekend [Pix]

These pictures were from the Music & Enetertainment Ocnference in Philly! Brandy got madd love… Word on the street is that jazmine was looking uninterested the whole time! Kinda like she does in the picture above! Also, a Brandysource member got to meet Brandy and asked her about her 3rd single and she said….

REQUEST Brandy’s LONG DISTANCE [List of Stations]

Satellite Radio Sirius Satellite Radio (50 – Hot Jamz) (URBAN) Request Online –  Request by Phone – 1-877-33-SIRIUS(747487) US RADIO ALABAMA Huntsville (WEUP-FM) Request # – (256) 837-9387 EQuest – Website – Mobile (WBLX-FM) Request # – (251) 471-9393 EQuest – Email – Website – Montgomery (WJWZ-FM) Request # … Continue reading

Orange Karma Records Review

Rating: ★★★½ (68 out of 100) Review: Brandy’s fifth studio album is supported by her lead single Right Here (written and produced by Rodney “DarkChild” Jerkins), which has performed well on the U.S. Billboard Charts as well as abroad. “Human” is Brandy’s fifth studio album and her first release under Epic Records since her highly publicized split with Atlantic Records. Brandy, … Continue reading

Real Music?

HUMAN Buying Guide

Human Buying Guide:   Can you believe it! Human is finally here and will be in stores soon! I am SOOOOO excited! I put together some tips and FAQs for all the fans. Let me know if you have any other questions!   Who will sell the album for the cheapest? Target wins! You can … Continue reading


When I first decided to have a Brandy blog, I just wanted to do it so that I could keep track of the things she does because I love her so much! I never thought that people would actually come by everyday and read! Thats pretty exciting. Thanks for stopping by! I will do everything … Continue reading

Brandy on 106 & Park Monday (11/3)!!!!

Which means that on Monday we have to vote her back to #1 for the 3rd time!!!!!!! We can do it! I will be reposting the links soon!

Brandy on 106 & Park

Hey Everyody! Brandy reach #1 AGAIN on 106 & Park! AMAZING! Keep voting. Click HERE to vote! Vote online – (Clear your cookies and vote again and again…clearing your cookies each vote) Vote by Phone – 1-800-617-5483 (call on weekdays from 5:30-6:00pm EST) (IMPORTANT!!!) Text votes via cell phone – Text “Vote” to 23888 … Continue reading

Help ME Get Brandy to #1…

Hello Everybody! You visit this blog because you believe that Brandy is simply one of the most talented artists of our time! That being said, actions speak louder than words! Every fan must do their part! Have you done yours yet? There is never too much you can do for something that you believe in!!! … Continue reading