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Today Brandy turns 30 years old! What a milestone. Brandy has accomplished SO much in her 30 years of life! She has 5 albums, 25 Million sold, TV shows, a beautiful daughter and so much more! Here a few things uyou can do to celebrate her B-Day!

[x] Vote on:  106&Park
[x] Request on:  VH1

The LOGO channel is supporting Long Distance. CLICK HERE TO VOTE for the video on LOGO’s top video list!

Brandy was in concert at Ohio University anda great fan got good photos and footage! Check it out!

Rumore has it… Brandy and Jay Z are hooking up and Brandy is working on a remix album as a part of her re-release effort. This could just bea rumor.. I have no idea! We do know for sure that there are talks between Epic and Brandy’s team about a rerelease but no word has come up the pipe yet! I’ll keep you updated!

Brandy is featured on in the “Heartbreak Music” feature that has the best r&b breakup songs of our generation. The site features “Brokenhearted” featuring Wanya Jam! CLICK HERE & check it out!

Check out Birthday pictures on Yahoo! CLICK here to see pictures of Brandy on the front page of Yahoo’s OMG!


Its wird t think that I have almost wrote 50 of these updates! I love Brandy and I am excited about seeing her in conceert on Vantine’s Day! I have not yet bought my ticket… I am not sure what I am waiting on. Maybe today is the day! Enough about Me! Brandy is still hanging in the Billboard 100, landing at #94 this week. Sales a re close to 175,000 units. Of course thats not ideal for week but its what we have to deal with it! I am think I am goin to go buy a few more albums this week. I am not sure why I always feel guilty when she doesn’t do well! Maybe its because I am her biggest fan!

Remember this? When Brandy and Kelly were the team to beat! Well Brandy has finally addressed the friendship between her and Kelly Rowland. Brandy said their friendship has not ended but they have simply gone in different directions. I can feel that! I know people always want to create drama so I appreciate Bran Bran clearing that up.

Every now and again I float overr to a Blog called coverlandia! They post fanmade album covers. I thought this one was cool!

Go to for more!

The Tibits! Brandy’s Long Distance Pop edit hits radios beginning Monday! Are you read? Y’all ever seen that picture of Brandy and her dad? I really like it! I will post it if you have not seen it!

I love this woman…

For some reason, I hyad a feeling that grapjuce interview would get folks going on Brandy! Never fails! Before the morning fell, Sandra Rose was on it! She had a little altercation with some of Brandy’s folks and Epic at an Atlanta night club.. actually she wasn’t really there but allegedly someone who loooked like her was told they couldn’t enjoy all of the benefits of the festivity. Since then, Ms. Rose has been a bit sour! NEVERtheless, she has highlighted Brandy’s love for Beyonce on her website and rallied her readers to make comments.. I am not sure she is a fan of Beyonce either…CLICK HERE TO READ!

Rap-Up Magazine asks Brandy about Ray J. and Whitney! Here’s what B had to say…

Brandy and Ray J have become tabloid fodder for different reasons, but the R&B singer is finally laying to rest all the rumors surrounding her baby brother’s love life.

In the Winter issue of Rap-Up magazine, Brandy reveals word-for-word Ray J’s sentiments about his relationship with Bobby Brown’s ex-wife, Whitney Houston.

“Well, every time I ask Ray J about Whitney he always says that’s just his friend. He’s not dating her. And I don’t think that he would lie to me. I said, ‘Well Ray, that’s not the way it looks. People think that you and Whitney are in a relationship.’ He was like, ‘Well, that’s what they’re gonna think, but I’m telling you the truth and I’m not dating Whitney. Whitney and I are just really good friends and that’s it.’ When I ask Whitney, she says the same thing, unless they are just pulling the wool over my eyes. But I think he’s telling the truth.”

For more on Brandy’s favorite country artist and which actor-turned-singer she’d like to see play her in a movie, read “Pieces of Me” in the Winter 08/09 issue of Rap-Up, on sale now.

For more information about the magazine and the article, check out or CLICK HERE!

Here is how Brandy did on the radio over the weekend;

January 30
Pop: 5 spins ( = )
Rhythmic: 137 spins (-1)
Urban: 958 spins (+4)
Urban AC: 760 spins (+17)
BET: 4 spins ( = )
Spins: 1864 spins (+20)
Total spins: 14884 spins (+236)
Audience: 8.4 million (+0.184)
Total audience to date: 94.875 million (+1.181 )

January 31
AC: 1 spin (+1)
Pop: 5 spins ( = )
Rhythmic: 137 spins (-1)
Urban: 950 spins (-8)
Urban AC: 779 spins (+19)
BET: 4 spins (=)
Spins: 1876 spins (+12)
Total spins: 14884 spins (+271)
Audience: 8.595 million (+0.195)
Total audience to date: 96.557 million (+1.682)

February 1, 2009
AC: 3 spin (+2)
Pop: 5 spins ( = )
Rhythmic: 133 spins (-4)
Urban: 949 spins (-1)
Urban AC: 789 spins (+10)
BET: 4 spins ( = )
Spins: 1883 spins (+7)
Total spins: 15400 spins (+516)
Audience: 8.755 million (+0.160)
Total audience to date: 98.171 (+1.614)

Not too bad.. hopefull it will pick back up a bit with the recent press! I think the grapejuice article might reboost the base a bit!

Speaking of the Grapejuice interview… I think Brandy really wants to push First & Love but the record label has some other ideas. I am not sure why I get that feeling. It IS good to know that a re-release is in talks! It makes so much sense for them to do this! I know everybody loves songs like Drumlife and Freedom but I don’t think they should be on the re-release! I think a NEW Timberland track would be HOT! It will be more of a “here is what I got in the works” re-release. Just my opinion. Those other songs have already circulated the internet pretty well! I LOVE new Brandy material! Bring it Back is my JOINT! Oh a, I need the John Legend fans to jump on this Quickly bandwagon so we can force these record labels to comply!

Well… Darn it! It appears that Kelly Rowland has broke up with Matthew and “nem” and of course was the first to break the great news! Well, what does that have to do with Brandy, you say! Many of the responses give Brandy props for telling Kelly some time agao that she needed to let the knowles go! GO READ HERE! I never really knew what the drama was between Kelly and Brandy! It was kinda odd to read in brandy’s album notes how much she liked and admired B but for Kelly not to make it in this round? Or was she in there and I missed it? I’m happy for Kelly! Michelle should stay! This may mean more much needed and deserved attention for her!

The Grape Juice.. a wonder Brandy-supporting blog has landed an exclusive Brandy interview and want to kow what questions you have for Brandy! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION!!

Here’s how radio is shapin up this week…

Pop: 2 spins (=)
Rhythmic: 142 spins (=)
Urban: 998 spins (+1)
Urban AC: 712 spins (+28)
BET: 5 spins (=)
Spins: 1859 spins (+29)
Total spins: 13494 spins (+245)
Audience: 9.006 million (+0.066)
Total audience to date: 86.692 million (+1.302)

Pop: 4 spins (+2)
Rhythmic: 142 spins (=)
Urban: 1000 spins (+2)
Urban AC: 718 spins (+6)
BET: 5 spins (=)
Spins: 1868 spins (+10)
Total spins: 13769 spins (+275)
Audience: 8.977 million (-0.029)
Total audience to date: 88.112 million (+1.420)

Pop: 5 spins (+1)
Rhythmic: 140 spins (-2)
Urban: 997 spins (-3)
Urban AC: 744 spins (+26)
BET: 4 spins (-1)
Spins: 1890 spins (+22)
Total spins: 14069 spins (+327)
Audience: 9.179 million (+0.202)
Total audience to date: 90.552 million (+2.440)

What about the Ray J collabo? Is Brandy done promoting Human? Is she going back in the studio? Will there be a 3rd single? What about the tour plans?

There is a great cloud of uncertainty surrounding what 2009 has to hold for Brandy. I have no REAL Brandy contacts so I am not going to create anything! I am just going use a bit of common sense and the industry knowlege that I do have to make a few observations. Hope you will be satisfied!

1. Third Single: I think that there is ALWAYS the possibility of a third single if the second single does well. The second single is just getting off the ground and doing well! It has not yet peaked and has not yet been released to pop. Word on the street is that February 10th is the day that Epic will lobby to get the joint on Pop stations. I think this is a good move. The video spent some time at #1 on 106… Urban and rythmic are feeling it, etc. The talk abut single #3 is premature. The success of Single #2 can’t just be chart placement. This single also has to move albums! The good news is that it is believed that the pop edition of Long Distance will be released. Its not bad and definitely MORE pop than the origional version, we just have to wait and see.

2. The Tour: The problem with a tour for Brandy is that she will have difficulty promoting it without a single on the radio. The label knows that! They know its now or never… The problem with “now” is that she has got to sell seats. If a tour is poppin off.. they will have to either drop single #3 or get her on with a big name. Problem with getting her on with a big name is that she may have to open for someone else just to get back in the public eye musically. If the label is methodical, they will Milk Long Distance for as long as they can and release #3 to radio around Juneish in order to get a nice summer tour crackin… but its all dependent on LD in my opinion.

3. Is Brandy in the studio again? Of course she is. Artist like Brandy are ALWAYS in the studio. Not really a big deal… Brandy going to the studio is like you going to work. Ist what you do! Its your livlihood.

4. Is Brandy done promoting the album? No, She has already booked two gigs for February. I assume that she will be back on 106 really soon. Seems like they are trying to stretch things a bit. The kyte thing is wierd to me! I think she should just do Youtube. Its a much better vehicle for promoting yourself. I am not sure how I feel about this but they have added contact information for her promoters, ect… which is a sign to me that things are hard! I have never seen that! They could just be trying to maximize opportunity!

5. Whats up with “Quickly?” I have not heard a thing! There has been rumors of a video shoot twice. There is SOOOO mucvh buzz about the song… it hels that he is on tour singing it with a background singing who apparently doesn’t sound as good as B from what I hear. I think the idea was to get the video recorded beofre he went on tour but things didn’t add up. I have got to assume that the buzz will lead them back to negotiations but I wouldn’t be surprized if they didn’t. John has a couple other collabos on his labum that would help him out some… like the Kanye track.


Since I last updated, Brandy has graced the #1 spot on 106 & Park for 5 days and fell to #3 yesterday! GREAT! I also acknowlege that everybody and their mom is in search of the National Antherm performance at the Detroit game last week! he NBA has not yet released the tape and its not one of those things you can get from Youtube.. well atleast not yet! The problem is that EPIC doesn’t let the fans know when and where Brandy is going to be so we miss these things! I am not tripping though.. as long as she is getting work!

Speaking of getting work, I am spending Valentine’s Day with Brandy. Thats right! She is doing a concert in Reno, NV on February 14, 2009 at the Grand Sierra Resort. I am SOOOO excited. Tickets for front row were $60 when I checked yesterday! CLICK HEREFORMORE INFORMATION! Who else is going?

In the news this week… Brandy is getting media attention for denouncing scientology and being unhappy with her tattoos. She says she was never a scientologist and doesn’t feel those tatts she has will be cute when she is 80! I agree! No more Tatts B!


love Brandy fans! Brandy will never die as long as she has devoted fans wjho make it happen! Yes, we have Brandy in that #3 spot on 106 & Park! I LOVE it! Keep voting! Keep voting! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!  I like it! Long Distance is not doing too bad on radio either…

Here is yesterday’s:

Pop: 3 spins ( Same )
Alternative: 1 spin ( Same )
Rhythmic: 143 spins (-4)
Urban: 903 spins (+24)
Urban AC: 534 spins (-1)
BET: 3 spins (+1)
Spins: 1587 spins (+20)
Total spins: 10425 spins (+233)
Audience: 7.782 million (-0.096)
Total audience to date: 68.657 million (+1.635)

Here is Monday’s

Pop: 3 spins (Same)
Alternative: 1 spin ( same)
Rhythmic: 147 spins (- 8)
Urban: 879 spins (+36)
Urban AC: 535 spins (+26)
BET: 2 spins (-1)
Spins: 1567 spins (+34)
Total spins: 10192 spins (+250)
Audience: 7.878 million (+0.210)



Right Here (Departed) has a new peak in france! She has made it to #10 on their equivilent of the Hot 100! Thats great news! Brandy is also getting love on, which is for crazy Blackberry owners… Check out the picture above! She is mentioned a few other times!

Uhhh.. 106 & Park disspaoints me! Brandy was #8 the day bepofre yesterday and then she falls out of the countdown again! I am declairing Sunday and Monday “Get Brandy on the 106 Countdown days!” More information to come! They are trippin.. or is it us? VOTE PEOPLE! Click here!!!

Check out Long Distance’s numbers for the week on radio stations!


Rhythmic: 175 spins (=)
Urban: 791 spins (-19)
Urban AC: 484 spins (-29)
BET: 1 spins (=)

Spins: 1451 spins (-4 8)
Total spins: 8599 spins (+211)

Audience: 6.909 million (-0.610)
Total audience to date: 55.930 million (+1.28 8)


Rhythmic: 172 spins (-3)
Urban: 787 spins (-4)
Urban AC: 479 spins (-5)
BET: 2 spins (+1)

Spins: 1440 spins (-11)
Total spins: 8817 spins (+21 8)

Audience: 6.800 million (-0.109)
Total audience to date: 57.401 million (+1.471)


Rhythmic: 165 spins (-7)
Urban: 800 spins (+13)
Urban AC: 474 spins (-5)
BET: 2 spins (=)

Spins: 1443 spins (+3)
Total spins: 9049 spins (+232)

Audience: 6.751 million (-0.049)
Total audience to date: 59.114 million (+1.713)  1/8


Pop: 3 spins (+3)
Rhythmic: 165 spins (-7)
Urban: 827 spins (+27)
Urban AC: 499 spins (+25)
BET: 2 spins (=)

Spins: 1485 spins (+42)
Total spins: 9307 spins (+25 8)

Audience: 7.489 million (+0.73 8)
Total audience to date: 61.260 million (+2.146)

~ by Dominique on January 9, 2009.


Hello everybody! People must be back at work and from vacation! Hope your holidays were as great as mine! I enjoyed my family and friends! I’m sure Brandy had a nice break! For her, it will be back to work promoting the album. Wikipedia, which to some is an unreliable source, reports that Brandy has sold a little over 170K copies in the US.The estimate based on Billboard placement was around 130K so thats definitely better news. Soundscan is the authority in this area so until their numbers come out, I won’t believe any!

is will be a huge year for Brandy who is set to release the album in Japan inFebruary. The album has been doing really well oversees. It debuted at #3 in South Africa and #13 in Canada. Both singles have been seeing increase in spins in early January which might be a good sign. Right Here (Departed) is gaining on Pop stations and doing EXTREMELY well on Hot Adult Contemporary. Long Distance agins about 10 new spins a day of late.. its a slow burn. I expect that Epic will make a move with Long Distance soon. Not sure what that move will be! We need to get the video voted on 106 & park though. That will be out job!

CHeck out the Houston Chronicle Album Review!

By JOEY GUERRA Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle
Jan. 2, 2009, 1:51PM

Brandy’s sonic influence can be heard, if you listen carefully, in present-day hits from Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The Moesha star was one of the ’90s biggest R&B divas and channels some recent personal drama into Human, an engrossing listen and Brandy’s first disc since 2004’s unfairly overlooked Afrodisiac. Brandy has kept a low profile since her involvement in a 2006 car crash that claimed a life. But she’s pressing forward musically — and looking backward. Human reunites her with producer Rodney Jerkins, and he fits her like a velvet glove. The title track is a haunting, gorgeously worded confessional (“What are you afraid of girl, the future or the past?”), and Long Distance is a symphonic power ballad in the vein of Have You Ever?, one of her biggest hits. Camouflage is her galloping, flaws-and-all declaration of self, and Piano Man has a robotic quiver that lapses into a sing-along chorus. She even gives those normally cheesy, spoken-word interludes some unexpected conviction. Human bleeds with some vulnerability and turmoil, but it’s a vibrant, hopeful experience. 3/4 Stars (Link)

The third single for the album is being discussed by the label heavily. An insider says there is a positive conflict between Piano Man and True. Fans have to remember that the lable doesn’t look at the song most people like but the song that will have the most crossover potential. Brandy has struggled at Urban and Rythmic and done okay in Pop. Seems like Piano man is the best option although its a risk if Rythmic has given up on B! We shall see!

Daily Music Guide gets in on the album reviews!

Human is Brandy’s first release on new label Epic, having split with Atlantic in 2005. This explains the four-year delay between work. In terms of production, while Timbaland didn’t make it, there are some heavyweight credits. These include Rodney Jenkins (Spice Girls, Whitney Houston) and RedOne (New Kids on the Block, Akon), whose influence is reflected in  fashionable dance tracks such as ‘Piano Man’.

‘Piano Man’ is indeed backed up by a beat reminiscent of Usher’s ‘Love In This Club’. It’s a trick all RnB artists worth their salt are exploring these days. And it works very well, somewhat masking Norwood’s voice into dance-orientated loops over an over-powering beat.

First single ‘Right Here (Departed)’ is a a typically-produced contemporary track with a booming beat ensconced over a piano-driven upbeat rhythm. The production complements Brandy’s soulful and powerful vocals and somewhat liberates them more so than on earlier work like ‘The Boy Is Mine’ and ‘Sittin’ On Top Of The World’. Brandy’s new label clearly plays to the songstress’ strengths.

The album features two interludes which feature Norwood emphasizing her thoughts on human existence and then detailing the problems of a long-distance relationship. The direction is mature (she is 29 now, you know), but the result isn’t anything outside of the genre. ‘Long Distance’ focuses on the toils of such a union and features another secret production weapon – the strings, which kick in towards the end.

‘Camouflage’ is a ballad which once more plays to Brandy’s strengths in the emotional vocal department. ‘Torn Down’ also follows in this mould, with a little bit of production flair thrown in for playability. Fans of the singer certainly won’t be disappointed with this effort, though fans of the music might be disappointed to see that whilst the lyrics sound so personal, Brandy herself is only responsible for two of them (title track ‘Human’ and ender ‘Fall’, which includes our own Natasha Bedingfield on the credits).

‘Human’ is much more mature in tone than the other tracks written for her. It is a close-to-the-bone personal assessment. Stripped of all production tricks, it’s amazing how a piece of personal input sounds so much more real than a whole album of penned tracks, albeit decent ones.

That, in the end, is the story of this album. It’s modern RnB and a strong yet unspectacular return from a supremely talented singer.

Rating: 4/5 (Link)




How is everybody! I hope you are enjoying those Brandy CDs as much as I am! Today was the first time I listened to another CD and it wasn’t fulfilling at all! At any rate, I am back to Brandy! I don’t think I will EVER be able to get tired of this CD! Anyways… I am sure you all want to know what Brandy is up to! ME TOO! Alot of talk circulating about her working with Timbo on his Shock Volume 2 but I have found any real information were linking you to! I am sure that he and Brandy will be in the studio sometime soon! Brandy is back in California..or at least she was over the weekend! I have not gotten any word as to whether she had an album release party or not!

So a Song called “EASY” leaked that was supposed to be on Brandy’s album however it sounds noting like her to me! Its probably the demo! What do you think? CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! 

Sister2Sister Magazine with Brandy on the cover is officially in stores! Go pick it up! Jamie Foster Browndoes really nice interviews! I heard their was a cute story about Sy’Rai wanting a tattoo! I’ll be picking up my copy tomorrow!

So SHUT UP about the album sales! I am hearing all of these discouraging words about sales and Epic not shipping enough CDs. At this point, I have to believe that whatever happens, is meant to happen! If the projections are right and she sells 80K, I will be happy. If they are wrong and she sells 40000000000K, I will be happy. Brandy made this album for the fans! I am blessed to have and am no longer worried about who doesn’t have it! I bought 9 copies so I did my part! I may buy more! I am so satisfied with Brandy! I just hope that the promotion of this album continues. Its too great to die like the last two have!

Thats all I got for now! Tomorrow I will work hard for y’all….even Leerick!


Today has just been one of those days! I was away from the computer all day so I was seeing all of this crazy stuff all over the net from my cell phone. Now that I am home, I am trying not to watch, listen or read anything negitive about my Brandy! Moving on!
Where is Brandy? Hopefully she is taking a day to rest and spend time with her family! Knowing Brandy, she is probably out getting in as much promo as she can! Gotta love her work ethic! She will be in Atlanta today (Wednesday) performing for V103’s Soul Sessions with Slim from 112! Go on head Bran Bran!
Moving on… Blackvoices wants to know if Brandy will ever find Love… GO CAST YOUR VOTE! CLICK HERE! Brandy did an interview for BET and she looks AMAZING!!!! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO!!!
Check out Brandy getting ready for 106 & Party! You can hear her in the background killin!
Brandy is mentioned on the Style Network’s “The Dish” where her enfamous ripped jeans are featured. The show will re-air on Today t 5 PM ET and Monday (12/16)  at 4 EST.  This week Brandy has the Q102 Jingle Ball TONIGHT in Philly. On Wednesday, she will be in Atlant doing V103 Soul Sessions with Slim from 112.
Well the numbers are in! yes, Brandy had less than stellar numbers in the eyes of critics, but week one is certainly not the end of the road. Brandy is traveling down a long road back to promenance and she is lucky to have fans like us to support her all of the way! The good news is that 75,000 people went to the store and bought Human and gotten their money’s worth. The good news is that today is a new day and Brandy is still on her promo grind! There is ALOT of good news that HAS to outweigh the badnews! Speaking of good news, Long Distance is doing well. I was surprised to see that even one country station plyed the song on Tuesday! Thats a great accomplishment considering she is not a country artist!
A great way to see when a radio stations plays Brandy’s records is on a site called CLICK HERE  to go directly to Brandy’s room! Anytime a song of hers is played around the country, you can go to that radio stations room and tell them that you like the song!
Check out this short video clip Brandy did with JoJo on the Radio! is so funny! They captioned pictures from Brandy and Monica’s meetup last night! Check them out by CLICKING HERE!

The Billboard charts are released Thursday but we are privy to information early at times! Brandy will likely crack the top 50 on  the Billboard Hot 1 with Right Here (Departed). The single makes a HUGE digital sales jump #61-#26. Thats an 86% increase in sales! The song seems to have so much life! Such a positive message! It appears that it is at the end of its journey though as radio spins are decreasing rapidly! That being said, the more people that buy the songle, the more likely they are to request it on the radio! The video is starting to have more spins on VH1 which is always a good thing! Its averaging about 5 per day! Speaking of videos, have you voted for Long Distance on 106 & Park today? CLICK HERE TO VOTE!
Make sure you pick upcopies of Hype Hair, Rap Up, Sister2Sister and Star! Brandy is featured in some way shape or form in all of these issues! I can’t find the Sister2Sister mag for the life of me! I can’t wait though!


Hey Folks! Hope all is well and that you have PURCHASED the CDand are loving it! I have noticed that alot of people have been looking for the MTV LEAK. Its gone kids and its game time now! I am not up to 9 copies purchased and I am “WARMIN IT UP WITH  LOVE” by giving this album to people who I like and love! Maybe I will buy another this weekend!
Brandy’s publicity has been great and very grassroots! I am glad she is making Kyte videos again! She apparently recorded tape for BET’S NEW YEARS CELEBRATION 106 & Party. In addition she will be doing the Fox & Friends show over the weekend as well as the Jingle Ball tonight. I did get a tip that there was an album release party in LA tonightbut I am not sure how that is going to work out. She may have a direct flight back to LA. Thats too much for Brandy… If anyone is in LA and going let me know how that cracks off… in fact, I think I will do my own research!
Brandy and Musiq are neck and neck on itunes for sales this week! On the main charts, Brandy is #7, Musiq is #6… On R&B.. Brandy is #2 and #11 and Musiq id #1 and #10. I LOVE musiq but won’t be able to support him until next week! I think I am going to start a new page with recommended selections!
Anyways, Brandy will be on Fox & Friends on Saturday morning at 7 a.m. Check your local listings for more information.

Brandy was on 106 & Park today and looked AMAZING. The hair was flaweless! She seemed a little tired but was still beaming. I am sure that everyone has noted that she was not on The View today. There are a lot of rumors swimming around about why that is. I HEARD that it had to do with The View wanting her to discuss certain issues she was unwilling to discuss… but I also heard that they were upset that she went on Tyra… I don’t believe either to tell you the truth. I feel like it will be rescheduled! If she was a no show, I am quite sure Whoopi would have said something! I know she was still in NY! Wonder when we are getting a kyte video? Hopefully soon!
Shout out to Brandy stans who went into Walmart and put Brandy where she belongs! ON TOP! Shout out to rnbgenious! Check his video out!
Don’t forget to tune into the BET Special called “Brandy:Just Human.” It will air at 11:30 ET but check your local listings! She will also be on The Early show in the morning! Get that Pub B!
Brandy is #3 on Yahoo’s list of most serach people today… Thats hot! Over the past 6 days, the traffic on this site has QUADRUPLED! I have been talking bad about Epic but maybe they aren’t so bad afterall… I have to give credit to momager, Sonja who I know has a say in some of this! Brandy has three commercials out… one from Target ($9.99) one from FYE and one from Epic. I am sure they will be in heavy rotation this week. I am not really a TV watcher so if you see it… tell me how it is!
I see that people are saying Brandy has been lip synching all of her performances. I can’t confirm or deny that! I don’t know. Quite frankly, I don’t care! All I know is that its BRANDY’s VOICE. She didn’t hijack somebody elses voice!? Beyonce will have done 5 backflips and come up singing like she is laying on the couch and she is fiercely defended. Brandy does a few performances where you can hear her breathing and people get to gossiping! PLEASE! No shade towards Beyonce but everybody lip synchs. Everybody sings live and unless your a renowned singer, you don’t know the strain performing puts on your voice. Cool it and buy the CD!
MTV wrote up a cute story about Brandy being funny! CHECK IT OUT HERE! She is talking about being single and all of the lovely things that come along with that!  The LOGO channel writes up a brief review on the album…CHECK IT OUT HERE! Cute for LOGO! The associated Press had positive things to say in its review of the album. CLICK HERE TO READ!


Well, yesterdays articles were pretty good! We learned that Brandy has changed her belief about gay marriage, she ffels she is in a long Distance relationship with her daughter, and that she wants to do a talk show. Nice stuff Brandy! I LOVE YOU GIRL! I love when people ask her about the Ray J sex tape! Theres always a great reaction!

Brandy did the Tyra show with other guest, patti LaBelle! FABULOUS Photo here! Thye were notes as stars invited to Oprah’s Legend Ball!  Brandy: Legend! Gotta love Ms. Patti!

And for the radio spins for yesterday…. Right Here (departed) had an “interesting day.” We have seen better days!

Hot AC: 30 spins (+3)
Pop: 2789 spins (-33)
Urban: 228 spins (-12)
Rhythmic: 226 spins (-8)
Urban AC: 291 spins (-9)
BET: 0 spins (=)

Spins: 3564 spins (-68)
Total spins: 51949 spins (+526)

Audience: 21.727 million (-0.353)
Total audience to date: 397.488 million (+3.330)    

Long Distance is doing what it does.. beautifully!!!

 Pop: 1 spin (=)
Rhythmic: 80 spins (+4)
Urban: 612 spins (+7)
Urban AC: 271 spins (+11)

Spins: 964 spins (+22)
Total spins: 2745 spins (+145)

Audience: 5.066 million (+0.146)
Total audience to date: 16.674 million (+0.818)  

Coming to ilovebrandy soon… Poll of the day, Brandy Week, 12/9 buying tips, sister2sister cover, MORE!

Brandy’s Myspace page has been updated with bonus tracks and remixes added to the long list! Pretty nice!
Right Here (Departed) refuses to go away! I love it! No Grammy nod but a top 25 spot on the top 40, according to and! “Radio finds The Fray in a big way as Epic’s Saturn, Nappi, Halpern and Levy launch the single, “You Found Me.” Leading the way at Pop are Top 40 majors KHKS, KBKS, WXXL, WFLZ, KXXM, KMXV, WRVW, WBLI and WNOU before official impact date on 12/16. Brandy’s “Right Here” leaps into the Top 25 at Top 40 ahead of her new album Human, landing at retail on 12/9, and White Tie Affair’s debut, “Candle (Sick And Tired)”, continues to climb toward a Top 40 Chart debut…”
You got to love it! It’s still rebouding on radio too! Check out the #’s;
Hot AC: 27 spins (+2)
Pop: 2831 spins (+27)
Urban: 240 spins (+15)
Rhythmic: 234 spins (-8)
Urban AC: 300 spins (+19)
BET: 0 spins (=)
Spins: 3632 spins (+55)
Total spins: 51423 spins (+575)
Audience: 21.727 million (+0.544)
Total audience to date: 394.158 million (+4.013)    
And Long Distance is doing what it do!!
Pop: 1 spin (=)
Rhythmic: 76 spins (+2)
Urban: 605 spins (+28)
Urban AC: 260 spins (+41)
Spins: 942 spins (+101)
Total spins: 2598 spins (+182)
Audience: 4.920 million (+0.676)
Total audience to date: 15.247 million (+1.419)  
Brandy is kiling on Amazon with Album Presales…
Got Sprint? You can purchase the ringtones for Long Distance and Right Here (Departed)!!!
Yahoo names Brandy one of the top Teen Idols of all times… Of 25, she was ranked #23. I know if I look at this, I would be mad so I am not going to look but you can. Here is THE LINK! is trying to start drama by saying Brandy dissed Beyonce and Rihanna’s fashion sense! WHATEVER!!! Click here to read this mess and also read the post that I did this morning! What losers! Some of the people who posted are SO rude! I had to stop reading!
Yesterday was a great day for Right Here (Departed). Here are the numbers!
Hot AC: 25 spins (-2)
Pop: 2803 spins (+4)
Urban: 225 spins +17)
Rhythmic: 242 spins (+1)
Urban AC: 281 spins (+16)
BET: 0 spins (=)
Spins: 3576 spins (+38)
Total spins: 50847 spins (+601)
Audience: 21.177 million (+0.428)
Total audience to date: 390.142 million (+4.132)   
Long Distance didn’t do too shabby either. It was listed among the most piucked up songs by radio stations! Here are the numbers;
Pop: 1 spin (-1)
Rhythmic: 74 spins (+1)
Urban: 577 spins (+4)
Urban AC: 219 spins (+24)
Spins: 871 spins (+30)
Total spins: 2414 spins (+143)
Audience: 4.244 million (+0.031)
Total audience to date: 15.239 million (+0.772) 
Did you preview the album on MTV’s The Leak? I refuse to! I want to hear it first in my car! I did break down and listen to the new version of “Fall.” Oh my goodness y’all! I already said a month ago that “Fall Might be my favorite Brandy song of ALL TIMES! The new version had me tearing up and I am a grown man! WOW! Thats All I can say! Anyone else preview the album? How did you like it?
Brandy was on the Steve Harvey show this morning and will be on again on Friday! Thats great. He is syndicated which means people all over the country listen to him! The Brandy promo is picking up!
Anyways.. stay tuned! On Friday, I am going to do a  “December 9 101: Tips for buying Brandy’s Album.” There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how sales are calculated so I want to clear them up and make sure that Brandy gets the week she deserves!
Right Here (Departed) ranks #22 among Best-selling R&B songs on itunes for 2008! Pretty sweet, huh? You can go to I-Tunes and click under “I-Tunes 2008,” and go under genre R&B/Soul to see it!
In Promo news… There are commercials running on MTV and BET promoting the album. The MTV commercial is promoting “The Leak,” which will allow anyone to stream the album from the MTV site. Get that link by searching “MTV THE LEAK” on my pain page! And about BET… I hear that BET will have a mini concert with Brandy that will be taped on Thursday! I just hope that it is separate from the regular 106 because I want it to play next week!
Our Girl Brandy is making it happen on Itunes sales! She has the #4 and #57 spot on the R&B and regular sales charts… thanks to an amazing video! I have a GREAT feeling y’all!
Brandy shot Tyra today! I am so excited! She was there with Patti, who was doing a  little cooking! Brandy performed both singles and hd a deep interview with Tyra. I can’t wait to see it!
Oh, and props to Concreteloop for saying little Sy’Rai is a cutie.. we always knew that though!
And for the radio spins updates…
12/1 – Right Here (Departed)
Hot AC: 27 spins (-1)
Pop: 2799 spins (+1)
Urban: 207 spins (-7)
Rhythmic: 241 spins (=)
Urban AC: 264 spins (-1)
BET: 0 spins (=)
Spins: 3538 spins (-8)
Total spins: 50264 spins (+567)
Audience: 20.749 million (+0.043)
Total audience to date: 386.010 million (+4.299)
12/1 – Long Distance(-0.015)
Total audience to date: 14.467 million (+0.782) 

Pop: 2 spin (+1)
Rhythmic: 73 spins (=)
Urban: 573 spins (-13)
Urban AC: 195 spins (+23)
Spins: 841 spins (+16)
Total spins: 2271 spins (+128)
Audience: 4.213 million
Yes. Yes. Yes. Brandy is coming back! It’s been an interesting ride since August but Brandy is making her way BACK into prominence and I am happy to be apart of this era!
Right Here (Departed) is climbing the Pop radio charts and has peaked at #24… still gaining!
Perez Hiltondebuts Brandy’s new video! Not bad.. Perez has MANY readers! There is a lot of negativity on the board but Stars have gone in and set the record straight! The video is breath-taking y’all! I can’t wait to see it in HQ and on my big screen!
New on the calendar… Brandy will be on 106 on Thursday to debut her video and will be performing in Nashville on Friday at the 107.5 Acoustic Christmas along with Lady Gaga and others! Check the appearances section for more details and the poster!
Okay EPIC… do my girl good! Y’all must have read my letter! I just seen the commercial on BET for Brandy’s album! I am in LOVE! That’s right! YES! Now, make sure that commercial is on MTV! This needs to be big! When I log onto your website.. you better not have the Frayon there! This is Brandy’s month! Take care of them in February when their album comes out!
Oh, and if you are one of those folksout their illegally posting Brandy’s album… You are next on my list! I have been calling and e-mailing Epic every single link and YOU KNOW I GOT THE NUMBER! I will hunt you down!
Oh, check out the radio spins for the 30th…
11/30 – Right Here (Departed)
Hot AC: 28 spins (-1)
Pop: 2798 spins (+7)
Urban: 214 spins (-1)
Rhythmic: 241 spins (-2)
Urban AC: 265 spins (-7)
BET: 0 spins (=)
Spins: 3546 spins (-4)
Total spins: 49697 spins (+637)
Audience: 20.706 million (-0.070)
Total audience to date: 381.711 million (+4.512)  (not too shabby)
11/30 – Long Distance
Pop: 1 spin (=)
Rhythmic: 73 spins (+2)
Urban: 586 spins (+10)
Urban AC: 165 spins (+21)
Spins: 825 spins (+33)
Total spins: 2143 spins (+123)
Audience: 4.228 million (+0.114)
Total audience to date: 13.685 million (+0.680)

Is Brandy one of Christina Millian’s favorite singers? Find out what songs she chose as her Favorite Brandy Song! Here is a hint… in the video she was preggers with Sy’rai CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!
Brandy performed in Detroit over thanksgiving and some AMAZING Pictures surfaced! I created a photos page so some of them are in there but here are a few as well…
Brandy’s album has leaked all over the place. I am not sure if its a good or bad thing. Only December 18th will tell (thats the day we get the official number). I wonder how these things leak. I also wonder how people can claim to be diehard fans but still leave an album! Yuck to me!
Click to see larger views!
As mentioed earlier in the week, Brandy will make an appearance on the Tyra Banks Show on Monday, December 8, 2008. Other guest on the show will include MISS Patti LaBelle, who is promoting the new Labelle Album out in stores not! I a over it now! What can I do anyay!??!??
Now for some BIG News… I know when the Long Distance video Premieres and where? Monday! December 1, 2008… 106 & Park! I have my TiVo ALL set up! This record will be HUGE! I feel it! I didn’t feel it with RHD… I just hoped it would. Long Distance is a different story! I predict the video will be in the top 5 on BET by Friday.. Your thoughts?
I have more stuff but I am tired of typing.. I will post more this evening…
Its coming sooner than we know! Can you feel it? I am so excited y’all! I am  not sure why I get emmotional over some one I don’t know! I’m lying.. I do know! It was all of those long nights in my dorm room in 1999 listening to Never Say Never on repeat. It was like Brandy and her songwriters were in my business or something! Anyway.. enough about me!
Make sure you catch Extra tomorrow! Brandy will be on talking about the album and the accident! Check your local listing for the times! I will tivo it and tell you all about it in case anyone misses it. They put you through SOO much before you actually get to see what you wanted to see! I will be using that FF button!
Brandy is in Detroit this week for the Hob Nobble Gobble..Blabble Sabble or whatever its called! Shes been getting great press out there. There was a  great article in the Detroit Free Press I wanted to make sure you read! There were some great quotes! I picked out a few but you can go and read the story by clicking on the link below!
On defining success for the new album:
“I’m satisfied with the music I’ve put together. When you’re coming from the heart, it’s always honest, it’s always true, and I just want people to embrace it and feel that — to feel the same way I do when I hear it. That would be a success for me. Of course you want to be at Grammys and at the top of the charts. But the bigger hope for me is that whoever buys it is touched by it, the way I was when I was making it.”

Rad the entire article HERE!
A word about Epic and their promotion of the record… I am not going to jump on the “I hate Epic” Bandwagon. I think their are two problems that we are having (stars). The first is that we don’t have sufficient evidence that Epic is doing ANYTHING until we happen to see her on TV. No website or myspace updates have come about for over a week now. Does that mean they are sitting down and ignoring Brandy and the album? NO! I believe they are working hard to push this project. The second problem we have is that we compare Brandy’s promotion to other artists. In fairness and honesty, Brandy has been off the scene, she is dark skin, and she isn’t singing dumb songs. Those three things mean that she has to pursue the media. If she were bright, signing dumb songs, and hadn’t took a 4 year break I think things would be different! Don’t shoot me.. this may not be YOUR truth but its mine! Dark skin folks get swindled in the media all of the time. I would see Fantasia in concert before I would see Beyonce in a SECOND!
Anyays! OPRAH has been a been conversation… Is she or isn’t she going to be on the show? Where did this rumor come from?
Brandy is Back and I am loving it! I was somewhat disappointed about not seeing her at the AMAs but I will assume that its because she was off doing other things! I would hate for it to be that Epic did not try and make that happen but anyway, I’m over it!
On a good front! Right Here (departed) id KILLING Top 40 radio, averaging an 100 spin increase over the last week! Sunday it was played 2503 times, 20.847 Million listeners! That’s great!. Z100, which is one of America’s best Top 40 stations ranks her at #13. She will be performing at  Madison Quare Garden at their annual Jingle Ball on 12.12.
In the meantime, Long Distance will meet Urban Radio today and tomorrow! I am hoping for 35-45 adds. Its going to be really important to propel this single in the next 2 weeks! Once we get it on stations, we need to start requesting it like crazy! As for the video, rumor has it its going to premiere on 106& Park on December 1, 2008. It is not confirmed whether Brandy will actually be in the studio that day! I’ll keep you updated.
Get into is a site that documents anytime a particular record is played on a radio station. Fans can go into that radio stations chat room and press “yes” in order for the station to see that listeners enjoy the song. Click on the following link to access Brandy’s chatroom; This really works! If anyone has done it before, speak up! Its especially important since Long Distance is starting to hit the radio heavy!
Brandy is Myspace’s Exclusive Artist! Go to Myspace and check that out!
Check out more exclusive photos from Brandy’s Long Distance video shoot! CLICK HERE!
How is Right Here (Departed doing on the radio??? The song has gone pop so I a not going to be reviewing the other genres unless their is an increase in play! The Song has seen over 45,000 spins with a total audience of 349.442 MILLION listeners. She is doing her thing on Pop charts! Yesterderday she 2,387 spins, which was a 103 spin increase over 11/21. If she was stable in other formats like Urban and rythmic, she would be killing the charts! She is growing on pop charts! Today is the last day for weekly numbers. Hopefully sheholds steady on the Hot 100.
Brandy was out about this weekend! got these photos of her…

Brandy hung out at the Night Club, L.Q. in NYC on Friday night with Queen Pen and Lisa Ray! Other party guests included Rapper Lloyd Banks, Mike Mogul (his BDay), and whoever else was there!

Hey Everybody! Brandy is everwhere in the news! I think her coming out and talking about the marriage has garnered alot of attention.. particularly by bloggers! Us bloggers go wild on potential scandal… Let me just review what I seen this morning… Singer’s room wrote up a little something entitled BLAMES FEAR/PEOPLE FOR MARRIAGE STUNT. Click here to read! Its even news in South Africa! Check out this breif write up in the Soth Africa Times! Karu Daniels was trying to read Brandy in his Black Voices Blog. He writes “”I lied because of the fear of what people would think and the pressure to be a good role model,” the 29-year-old single mother told the tabloid. Ironically, her media revelation is timed well with the release of her new album, ‘Human,’ which is scheduled for release next month.”” Maybe its me but I just don’t think her personal life has anything to do with her music. Especially when BRITNEY can go around acting a fool and people fall deeper in love with her! Karu’s title kills me too! “Brandy: Finally Talking About The Lies And Deceit.” Deceit is a strong word! Read the rest of the article HERE! 
In other news… The reviews are starting to come in! The Rochester, NY Democrat & Chronicle highlights weekly what their critics are listening to. Check out what Shelia Rayam had to say about “Human;”
BRANDY: HUMAN. Grammy Award winner Brandy drops her first CD since 2004’s Afrodisiac. The new CD Human, set for a Dec. 9 release, reunites Brandy with hit maker and producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. If you’ve heard the first single, “Right Here (Departed),” then you have a taste of what’s in store: a little R&B thump, plenty of pop and a lot of Top 40-friendly singles. The dance tune “Piano Man” has a hint of techno thanks in part to co-writing by British singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield. Pop balladry over simple melodies kicks off the love song “Long Distance.” And the sound of acoustic guitar blends with thumping programmed percussion in my favorite, “Torn Down.” It appears that Brandy is aiming for mass appeal with this release. Expect to hear cuts from Human on a Top 40 radio station near you. 
— Sheila Rayam
Here is the Source. Alright Brandy for all the Top 40 hits! I love it if you like it!
I am not sure whats going on with her publicity team but I am starting to find out places where she will be performing in the coming weeks and will keep you updated. I heard she was going to be on the Today show on December 5th but I need to confirm that beofre I post it! There a couple other things she is doing that I am aware of that I will get conformation for over the weekend! I’ll have all kinds of information on Monday!
The day is getting closer! Yesterday on one of the boards, fans were speaking bout taking a break from Brandy music for a while until the album comes out. I think  might try that! LOL… Not sure how well that would work since I play Full Moon like its the only album out. Anyways, I will keep you updated. I am SOOOO excited y’all. Words cannot express!
I am a bit dissappointed with radio. Right Here (Departed) is doing well on Pop charts but not so well on all others. We need to continue to request the song on local radion stations including top 40, Rythmic, and Urban. If you need me to get your local stations information, let me know!
As for updates: Tomorrow’s copy of “US Weekly” will have our girl in it. She will be talking about the accident and her love life, including her “ex-husband.” Whenever you support a magazine she is in, it is more likely that she will reappear so go and get it! I am bad because I still have not had time to go and buy the Vibe Magazine. I might still be mad she is not on the cover! I have got to get over that! Speaking of magazines, I keep seeing pics but have yet t actually see the new Jet magazine cover in the store. Anyone seen it? What Magazine cover do you want to se Brandy on?
I do have SOME album details for you… I have a contact at Atlantic (so this could be false) who told me that he thought the album was very pop, had no club hits, was well produce and that it was better than Afro but worse than Full Moon. He went into greater detail but that about sums it up! Some Stars from France also heard the album and said similar things. I heard the France version of 1st & Love and Fall are a lot different. I just hope that the Youtube version of Fall is on the album because that is my JOINT!
The following stations added Right Here (Departed) to their playlists this week:

CIHT-FM     Canada-Top 40 Ottawa        
CKBT-FM     Canada-Top 40 Kitchener        
* CKCW-FM     Canada-Top 40 Moncton        
KHKS-FM     Top 40 Dallas        
* KLAL-FM     Top 40 Little Rock        
KSLZ-FM     Top 40 St. Louis        
* WDKF-FM     Top 40 Dayton        
WKFS-FM     Top 40 Cincinnati        
WVKS-FM     Top 40 Toledo        
WXSS-FM     Top 40 Milwaukee        
WXXL-FM     Top 40 Orlando        

“Long Distance” has three adds

WJHM-FM     Rhythmic Orlando        
WJTT-FM     Urban Chattanooga        
WVEE-FM     Urban Atlanta        

There was a nice article in the San Fransisco Chronicle about Brandy yesterday. It talks about the car accident and current court proceedings. Check it out HERE!
11/18 – Right Here (Departed)
Hot AC: 32 spins (+2)
Pop: 2216 spins (+71)
Urban: 483 spins (+6)
Rhythmic: 292 spins (-8)
Urban AC: 473 spins (+12)
BET: 1 spins (-1)
Spins: 3497 spins (+67)
Total spins: 42838 spins (+569)
Audience: 23.251 million (+0.586)
Total audience to date: 331.708 million (+4.121)
11/17 – Long Distance(+0.049)
Total audience to date: 6.096 million (+0.440)

Pop: 0 spin (=)
Rhythmic: 23 spins (+5)
Urban: 349 spins (+32)
Urban AC: 16 spins (+2)

Spins: 420 spins (+39)
Total spins: 837 spins (+88)

Audience: 2.343 million

11/17 – Right Here (Departed)
Hot AC: 30 spins (-1)
Pop: 2145 spins (+58)
Urban: 477 spins (-30)
Rhythmic: 300 spins (-22)
Urban AC: 461 spins (-20)
BET: 2 spins (+0)


Spins: 3430 spins (-15)
Total spins: 42269 spins (+557)

Audience: 22.665 million (-0.479)
Total audience to date: 329.587 million (+3.926)

11/17 – Long Distance(+0.231)
Total audience to date: 5.656 million

Pop: 0 spin
Rhythmic: 18 spins
Urban: 349 spins (+44)
Urban AC: 14 spins (+3)

Spins: 381 spins (+58)
Total spins: 749 spins (+73)

Audience: 2.294 million
Brandy on itunes:
Human (Deluxe Edition)
Top Albums(overall)-#99
Top Pop Albums-#21

Long Distance

Right Here
Top Songs-#59

Live in New York? You can win tickets to hang out with Brandy! Click HERE for more information!
Brandy will be hosting BET NOW again today! Make sure you tune in!
Brandy was on Access Hollywood yesterday. Did you catch it? Click HERE to view!!!!!


Enter to win Tickets to see Brandy perform at the Hob Gobble Nob Thanksgiving Day Event & Parade in Detroit. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!
PULSE reports that Brandy and John Legend will be taping the video for his third single, “Quickly” this weekend. It will probably not debut until next year. They are shooting it early because John will be on tour. We are hoping that Brandy can get in on some of those tour dates. That would be amazing!

On itunes, Beyonce playlists includes Brandy’s Focus as one of her favorite songs! Thats kinda hot! Beyonce said, “she is a great singer. I love her vocal arrangements. I love the lyrics.” Its good to see that. I know people were rumoring that Brandy and Beyonce were at odds because of the drama between Brandy and Kelly Rowland but thats behind us!
Brandy was on BET NOW today and said she wanted to gain more weight! She is a bit thin but its not a nasty thin… What do you think?

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/110857&embedId=49395276&premium=true&height=500&width=425]


Live in Miami? Brandy will be there next week! Click HERE for more information!!! 

She is in Philly On Friday! Find more information on Wired 96.5’s web site!!!
Brandy blows on 106! This is SOOO CLassic for me!

Brandy’s Right Here (departed) jumps up another 9 spots on the Top 40 charts coming at #28 according to Radio & Records! We should be seeing brandy in the top 50 this week on the Billboard Hot 100! Last week she came in around #54. If you check the charts on Thursdays, you will nt that they only show the top 50. With an increase of 338 spins, B is sure to come in around #45. Thats great for the record since Talk about Our Love was the last hit record Brandy had and it bowed at #36 on the Billboard 100!
Bandy has a fan club now!!!! Join it! Click HERE!
Long Distance was added to radio this week and it was the #1 most added song with 45 stations picking up the song! Now we have to get it requested!
Billboard Charts: Week 13 – 11/22
R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay – #34
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs –  #34
Urban Radio Chart – #31
UrbanAC Radio Chart – #23
POP Radio Chart – #29
Hot 100 – #52
Pop 100 – #41
Hot 100 Airplay – #62
Pop 100 Airplay – #32
Hot Adult R&B Airplay – #23
Hot Dance Club Play – #9


When asked what Jazmine Sullivan was looking forward to in the music industry…
“The upcoming Beyonce and Brandy CDs. “I’m really not listening to like one particular album, but I’m really looking forward to theirs. Brandy hasn’t really gotten her due credit… . And though Beyonce has, people love to hate on her. She’s taking things to the extreme right now, and I like that!”
Read more:
Stars all over the world are buying the singles on itunes! Right Here (Departed) is #63 on the main Itunes charts and Long Distance is #15 on the R&B lists! Keep buying the singles. Sales play a huge part in climbing the charts!
Raise your hand if you pre-ordered? I am SOOOOO excited. Not only did I pre-order but I will be at Wal-Mart first thing in the morning!
Brandy will hosted “BET NOW” on the 10th and the 11th. If you missed it, blame it on Epic not properly promoting our girl! The best way to get the news is to check out this blog or go on Brandysource.
Uh… I heard the Song “Drumlife” finally! It will not be on the album but it is FIRE! I am so mad! You would love it. If you are nice to me, I might be able to work out some kind of way to get it to you LEGALLY! The Saints don’t steal!
Rumor has it John Legend will be doing a video for “Quickly” featuring Brandy! That would be hot! My sources say it will be his 3rd single? Maybe the two should tour together! (Minus ray J)
Brandy’s Right Here (Depated) is #56 on Digital Sales chart (Billboard). Thats pretty hot! That mean you have been buying the ecords on itunes and stuff! Keep it going!
Thats all I got today folks! I’m sure I’ll have something for ya later!
A Dutch Fan gets hooked up!
“Fashion Trix”, a Dutch tv show about fashion, gives a lucky fan the chance to look like their favorite celebrity. This week a Brandy star won an AMAZING make-over. The team (stylist, hairstylist, make-up artist and photographer) wanted to reconstruct a full moon promo pic:
Here is the Before:

and here is the after…

Go to and click on the picture with the play button to watch the magic make-over. Sorry, it’s in Dutch!!
Pre-Order the album NOW! You can do that on itunes. If you do it on itunes, you can get the deluxe version which comes with additional songs and the videos! Don’t for get to buy “Long Distance.”
Brandy was in LA last night for the Vibe Magazine Party! I am really madd at Vibe for not putting her on the december cover but I am over it! I do need a magazine cover other than Hype Hair! I need Epic to get on that!

Brandy is killing them with her singles on Itunes!

Check out what Newsday had to say about “Right Here (Departed)
HOT SONGGlenn Gamboa
November 11, 2008
After a string of personal and music business issues, Brandy seems poised for a comeback with her new single, “Right Here (Departed)” (Epic). It’s a sweet, inspirational midtempo R&B-tinged pop affair, playing not just to her strength, but to collaborator Rodney Jerkins’ strengths as well. In her chart absence, Brandy’s niche has been filled by Natasha Bedingfield and Jordin Sparks, but “Right Here” should put her back where she belongs.”
Get it Gu!


Yes! Thats another photo from the new Video, “Long Distance.” I can’t WAIT! Its going to be SO LIVE! STay tune for more updates on the video!
Brand is KILLING Top 40 charts! She is only on 95 Top 40 stations and is coming in at about #29… Right Here (Departed) is getting bigger! I love it! Let me know if you have not heard it on your top 40 station and I will get you the contact information!
Long Distance is also going for radio adds today and tomorrow!!! This is big news! Hopefully Long Distance will blaze up Urban and Rythmic charts. Brandy has not had a successful second single in over 6 years!
Live in France? You’re getting the album on December 5th! Speaking of the French! They love them some Brandy just like Americans do! Right Here (Departed) is #17 on iTunes France and #3 in the R&B Chart s. A England fan also reported that Right Here (Departed) is #5 on VirginMega, which means its selling MP3s pretty well! Go Bran Bran!
Make sure you check exclusive pics from a photoshoot Brandy did for MTV! The photos were on POINT! Here is one of them… You can see the rest by clicking on THIS LINK!

Live in Chicago? You could win a Brandy Listening party in your home! This is brought to you by B96, Chicagos #1 hit music station! Click HERE for more information!
Expect to see Brandy growing on Hot 100 and top40 charts! Right Here is currently #53 on the Hot 100… which is ten spots up from last week and the spins keep growing! Thanks goodness for top 40! Keep requesting the song and if you have not already bought the song on itunes, make SURE you do that!
Brandy was featured in the Lifestyle Magazine… they had a quarter page devoted to a possible crush she may have on Ryan Seacrest! If only he was interested in women.
Check out a photo of Brandy leaving 106 & Park on Monday!

Rumor has it…
Brandy shot the video for Long Distance in LA on November 6th. It has been confirmed by that “Long Distance” is going up for Urban/Rythmic radio ads next Tuesday. What that means is that stations can add the record to their play list for the first time and that folks from Epic/Koch will be out politicing to make it happen! Thank Goodness for the radio tour! Its all making sense now!
Brandy has been on her kyte thingy quite often these days keeping the fans updating about what is going on! You have GOT to check out where she performed at last night! YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE IT!!!! CLICK HERE!!
[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/110857&embedId=49354422&premium=true&height=500&width=425]
Brandy is on 106 & Park on Monday! WE HAVE TO GET HER TO #1!!!! Here is how!
3 Ways to Vote
Vote online (Clear your cookies and vote again and again…clearing your cookies each vote)
Vote by Phone – 1-800-617-5483 (call on weekdays from 5:30-6:00pm EST) (IMPORTANT!!!)
Text votes via cell phone – Text “Vote” to 23888 and then wait for the reply and go to the link provided (works for phone with internet capability and people overseas with cell phones)
Have you bought Brandy’s song on itunes yet? Yesterday, RH(D) was as high as #52 on the itunes charts… We can do WAYYY better than that Stars. Go to!

True Exclusives catches Brandy outside of TRL looking AMAZING!
Hey Everybody! Hope all is well!
Brandy was on TRL TODAY to perform Right Here (D). I hope you get to check that out! SHE KILLED! Somebody uploaded it to myspace! CLICK HERE! Let me know what you thought of it.  Finally MTV is repping our girl!

Speaking of RH(D), It is currently picking up on itune sales and is at #58. It was #99 late last week! The song is becoming a pop classic with continued pop/top 40 radio spins.
I am a little mad at itunes though.. for some reason they neglected to include in John Legend’s track listing that Brandy was featured on “Quickly.” WE will be doing something about that! I’ll let yall know what our next step will be! John was also on TRL today! I hope they spoke backstage about making Quickly a season and dating! LOL!
Hey everybody! I was in Las Vegas over the weekend to celebrate my Bday (its the 28th) so I didn not get to write everyone but I am back!
Brandy is performing at Monsterjam 2008 tonight in Boston. Monsterjam will feature JayZ, Neyo, Lil’ Wayne and more! Check out this linl for more information!!! Ray J will perform with her and perform “Sexy Can I.”
If you clicked on that link, you will note that it says she will be filming OPRAH This week!!!! Thats pretty exciting and is the clostest we have to a confirmation that she will actually be on the show! This is BIG! She has been on Oprah before, if you can remember…. it was right before full moon!
More news to come later!!!!!
Hey everybody!
Just a few updates. Epic has uploaded “Long Distance” to Brandy’s Myspace page FINALLY! Speaking of Myspace, they are featuring “Long Distance on their music page! CLICK HERE to check that out!
I also heard that Ray Kay as video director for Long Distance is a RUMOR! I will keep you updated. Apparently there are Brandy fansout there that ae not feeling his work. If Destiny’s Child’s SOLDIER was some his best work… I need them to keep looking!!! NEXT!
Did you know you can buy the album on presale now? Amazon is selling the album and so far, here are its numbers! Click HERE for source!
Overall Rank: #982
R&B: #71
Rap and Hip: #36
Pretty good for an album that hasn’t came out yet! This is just presales on this one site!
We heard the audio for this but check out the video! Brandy interviewed with Hot 97 a couple weeks ago! Check this video out!

Brandy is also doing Hot 97’s Check the Rhyme concert on November 21st! Wish I could go! Anybody going?
ADD BRANDY on Myspace!!! Save her as a friend and write on her wall! Her page is:
There never was a #1!!! Its Brandy! She is #1

She is still climbing the charts in France with this week’s #8 song on their equivilent of the Billboard Hot 100! Go Brandy! World tour? Also, album releases have been planened for ;

New Zeland: January 19th 
Japan : February 18th
Germany: March 20th

Long Distance got 3 radio adds this week… 2 to Urban radio and one to Urban Adult Contemporary.  Word on the street is that Long Distance is going to Pop radio on January 24th! HUGE y’all! HUGE! More info to come on that!

In addition to the Billboard review.. reviewed the album… check it out!

Release Date: no month , Dec.
Producer(s): various
Label/Catalog Number: Koch/Epic

Brandy’s been through her share of drama the last few years (a car accident that left another driver dead and a recent confession that she lied about marrying the father of her 5-year-old daughter), so it comes as no surprise that her fifth studio album reflects on life’s joys and pitfalls. She’s reteamed with songwriter/producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, who executive-produced the album as well as the first two singles, the heartfelt “Departed” and the ballad “Long Distance.” Other standout tracks include “A Capella,” with its minimalist production; the hand-clap-laden “1st and Love”; and “True,” about an unfaithful boyfriend, on which Brandy takes her vocal range to untapped heights. While “Human” is missing the sassy Brandy we know and love from such tracks like “I Wanna Be Down” and “Talk About Our Love,” we can still appreciate the much-needed solace of setting personal turmoil to memorable music. —Mariel Concepcion  (Link)


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  1. Devin-Weiss says:

    I browse through gossips all over, that almost nothing in Drag queen Gaga is unique and that she is a copycat 😦 I however really like Lady Gaga coZ she is awesome!

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