Brandy Update #83

Wow!!!!! Listen to Brandy in the studio with Rhona Bennett…

Rhona sounded great! Brandy has me with my mouth open.. How does she do it! I am so unashamed of the fact that I am a diehard fan! WOW! CLICK HERE  for the full snippet!

Brandy was featured on Ustream in the studio early Monday morning working hard! She was really interested in learning how Ustream works apparently! According to her tweets.. she was there with  Timberland and others and even Keri Hilson stopped by! Brandy thought she was super cute! Oh, and she learned how to do the jerk!

Brandy has been hanging heavy with Hit-Boy who he referecnes as his new “Best friend.” She and Teyana Taylor were hanging tough rolling down the street to Mary’s new cut, “Stronger” in which Hit-boy produces! Later Keri Hilson updates her twitter saying Brandy, Teyana, Hit-Boy, NeyYo and Chris Brown are all in the studio together! Something in my spirit tells me all of these people are working on Timberland’s Shock Value II.


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