Brandy Party Mix 2!!!

Afrojisiac has done it again! The party mix that you all loved so much has a part 2!


To hear Party Mix #1, CLICK HERE TO HEAR!

Make sure you respond if you like so if he comes by he will know fans appreciated his work!

Thanks AfroJisiac from BrandySource!

Check out our Top 30 Brandy songs of all time… asong added daily! CLICK HERE!

2 Responses to “Brandy Party Mix 2!!!”
  1. Jeff says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGg!!! that part is Off the chaiiiiin too!!
    I love the midnight rain on After the flood , it adds a lil something to that track,
    also the background vocals added on the 2nd verse are just sooo cool and i never knew 1st & love would blend that good with Honey!! lol that’s an amazin’ job addin’ the vocals of Honey in 1st & love’s hooks!

    OmG i love this!
    my FAV part is how he made “Maximum Risk” come in …O.M.G.! so unexpected!!! and the random brandy shouts right after made it hotter!!

    Maaaaan … he definitly killed that shit!!

    i hope there’s a 3rd part comin’!!

    I hope he reads this! he’s just amazin’! he’s really creative puttin’ them songs together!! bravo!

  2. Jib a.k.a. AfroJisiac says:

    oh man thanks so much!! i really appreciate that!!!

    Domo… i dont even what to say about u postin’ it up here…Thanks so much Bro!! Thanks!!

    I’ll there will be some more parts since people like it!!

    Thanks again guys , i’m so touched!!

    ya Boi!

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