Mr. Brandy?

They are calling this ut the Gospel Brandy.. what do you think? Check out this Article!

Gospel Artist Kevin Gray

Gospel Artist Kevin Gray


May 30, 2009 by Gerald  

Shout out to my girl Kim who bought me this CD! She knows me very well. She said I think you should check him out and she was right, he’s GOOD! The most obvious comparison right from jump is everyone’s favorite, Ms. Brandy Norwood! He has definitely studied Brandy’s vocal styling and runs. I must say he does a very good job of getting some of Brandy’s runs down! I would say he was a front-runner until Dawn from Danity Kane decided to go solo. He may have a little competition now. I don’t know much about this artist, except that he is from Chicago, IL and I think he’s released two CD’s. His “So Fresh” project has some real HEAT! With a little more financial backing behind him, he could really have something! I reached out to him a couple of months ago for an interview, but all I got was CRICKETS! I’m not going to take it personal just yet. Maybe I’ll get a response after this nice plug! On his MySpace page, it says his new album “The Comeback”, will be released in Aug. of this year. I’m very interested to see how his sound has evolved on this new release.  Standout tracks from “So Fresh”; “Darkest Hour”, “Nuthin Without You”, “I Can’t Wait”, “I Promise You”, “Amazing” and “He’s Been Good”.

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