Brandy Update #10

When asked what Jazmine Sullivan was looking forward to in the music industry…

“The upcoming Beyonce and Brandy CDs. “I’m really not listening to like one particular album, but I’m really looking forward to theirs. Brandy hasn’t really gotten her due credit… . And though Beyonce has, people love to hate on her. She’s taking things to the extreme right now, and I like that!”

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Stars all over the world are buying the singles on itunes! Right Here (Departed) is #63 on the main Itunes charts and Long Distance is #15 on the R&B lists! Keep buying the singles. Sales play a huge part in climbing the charts!

Raise your hand if you pre-ordered? I am SOOOOO excited. Not only did I pre-order but I will be at Wal-Mart first thing in the morning!

Brandy will hosted “BET NOW” on the 10th and the 11th. If you missed it, blame it on Epic not properly promoting our girl! The best way to get the news is to check out this blog or go on Brandysource.

Uh… I heard the Song “Drumlife” finally! It will not be on the album but it is FIRE! I am so mad! You would love it. If you are nice to me, I might be able to work out some kind of way to get it to you LEGALLY! The Saints don’t steal!

Rumor has it John Legend will be doing a video for “Quickly” featuring Brandy! That would be hot! My sources say it will be his 3rd single? Maybe the two should tour together! (Minus ray J)

Brandy’s Right Here (Depated) is #56 on Digital Sales chart (Billboard). Thats pretty hot! That mean you have been buying the ecords on itunes and stuff! Keep it going!

Thats all I got today folks! I’m sure I’ll have something for ya later!


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