Would You Beleive??? Part 2

So, yesterday I told you all about my little incident with a Brandysource administrator. I really need to tell you about part 2. First off, Brandysource is a great place for Stars to hang out and there are great people on there, including this rude administrator but this just did for me… So even though … Continue reading

Would you believe…

That I was banned from Brandysource.net??? You will never beleive why!!! I posted a thread called “Beyonce isn’t as big as…” The thread addressed Beyonce’s album sales not being comparable with Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys. One of the administrators decides to use his authority to lock the thread. I question that authority because … Continue reading

Brandy Update #10

When asked what Jazmine Sullivan was looking forward to in the music industry… “The upcoming Beyonce and Brandy CDs. “I’m really not listening to like one particular album, but I’m really looking forward to theirs. Brandy hasn’t really gotten her due credit… . And though Beyonce has, people love to hate on her. She’s taking … Continue reading