Brandy’s Having a Party… Were You Invited?

Me either! Some folx on Twitter are there though… Check it out! bmacthequeen: Headed to @4everbrandy house wit @teyanataylor IMPRICETAG: @4everbrandy party let’s Get it SunriseSundown: @IAmDala @thisisoktane & they mama …hittin up @4everbrandy ‘s PARTY -yall betta USTREAM, quit bet dis party down the street DopeIzzy: On mah way to the big sis … Continue reading

The Mis-Management of R&B Legends…

Beyonce & Fir? New Usher! 20 Questions!

CLICK HERE for Usher’s “Gotta Get My Swagger Back” CLICK HERE for my list of 20 Questions “VIBE MAGAZINE STYLE” CLICK HERE to see how Beynce responded when asked why she wears Fir!

Brandy Update #72: Pics, Show Taping news, Tour? CoverGirl contract?

Brandy dines at Mr. Chows with Omar & Keisha Epps! According to Omar’s twitter, it was “A night for the books.” Here is what our girl wore… Hmmm…. Cute? Yes? No? Maybe so? B has always had a unique style. I mean this with ALLLLL die respect but when I see B, I always think, … Continue reading

Brandy, Beyonce & Jay-Z Celebrate Rihanna’s Bday in NY! [pix]

Hello Starz… We are upgrading! Join us at out new home! Rihanna looked pretty fly on her B-day in LA! She hung with the homies…check out these pics!

Brandy Update #48

I love this woman… For some reason, I hyad a feeling that grapjuce interview would get folks going on Brandy! Never fails! Before the morning fell, Sandra Rose was on it! She had a little altercation with some of Brandy’s folks and Epic at an Atlanta night club.. actually she wasn’t really there but allegedly … Continue reading

Brandy Update #46: The Rumors Swirling!

What about the Ray J collabo? Is Brandy done promoting Human? Is she going  back in the studio? Will there be a 3rd single? What about the tour plans? There is a great cloud of uncertainty surrounding what 2009 has to hold for Brandy. I have no REAL Brandy contacts so I am not going … Continue reading

Brandy Update #36

Hey folks! I am about to kill some black-eyed peas in a can! Jealous? No? OK! I love me some Brandy, I tell ya! I can’t get enough of the new album! I have been enjoying many of the songs that have been popping up that didn’t mae the album like Freedom, Drumlife, and Porcelain … Continue reading

PREACH WOMAN!!! (The Jenni Show)

GUESS WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT BRANDY? estimates thot our Brandy will ONLY sell 80K copies and wil be nowhere near the top of the charts… Here is what they wrote… “And three divas (Britney, Beyonce &  Taylor) shall lead them into the holiday sales season. With no new heavy hitters on tap for next week’s chart, it looks to be … Continue reading