BrandyUpdate #7

Live in France? You’re getting the album on December 5th! Speaking of the French! They love them some Brandy just like Americans do! Right Here (Departed) is #17 on iTunes France and #3 in the R&B Chart s. A England fan also reported that Right Here (Departed) is #5 on VirginMega, which means its selling MP3s pretty well! Go Bran Bran!

Make sure you check exclusive pics from a photoshoot Brandy did for MTV! The photos were on POINT! Here is one of them… You can see the rest by clicking on THIS LINK!

Live in Chicago? You could win a Brandy Listening party in your home! This is brought to you by B96, Chicagos #1 hit music station! Click HERE for more information!

Expect to see Brandy growing on Hot 100 and top40 charts! Right Here is currently #53 on the Hot 100… which is ten spots up from last week and the spins keep growing! Thanks goodness for top 40! Keep requesting the song and if you have not already bought the song on itunes, make SURE you do that!


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