Brandy Norwood Update #87

Hey there folks! Hope all is well! A lot has been poppin off for Brandy but since we are not in publicity mode, its hard to get over here and update everyone on whats going on! Hopefully you are all following Brandy on twitter! If not, CLICK HERE and make that happen! As you may … Continue reading

Brandy, Ray J, Sy’Rai @ Disney world!!

Brandy Update #73: Brandy INTERNATIONAL SENSATION! Videos! PICTURES! Interviews

I know, I know! I been slippin! Heavy traveling for me so it hards to keep up but I am “kinda” back!! Here’s a video of Brandy in London! Check out this fan’s review of a Brandy Concert in London HERE! MORE VIDEO FROM THECONCERT on page 2!!!

Brandy’s Dad [Willie Sr.] & Daughter Sy’Rai Sing! [Video]

Sing Willie Sr…. What happened to Ray J. I would rather hear Sonja sing!

New Brandy Article from Billboard

Post-crash, Brandy sings a new tune By GAIL MITCHELL Billboard (Article Link) You can’t blame Brandy for being a little nervous about stepping back into the recording studio. Four years have passed since the release of her fourth album, “Afrodisiac.” And it has been just two years since her headline-making car accident in which another … Continue reading