Brandy Update #46: The Rumors Swirling!

What about the Ray J collabo? Is Brandy done promoting Human? Is she going  back in the studio? Will there be a 3rd single? What about the tour plans? There is a great cloud of uncertainty surrounding what 2009 has to hold for Brandy. I have no REAL Brandy contacts so I am not going … Continue reading

Brandy’s Promotion Problems: Is it Just me?

Is it just me or does B-Rocka has some promotional issues? Seems like her Promotional team never get it right after that second single… Brandy’s albums have so much potential but they die! Who is making the decsions! I made a video to fully articulate my thoughts!

Pop Radio Edit for Long Distance HERE!!!! [Listen]

Brandy is set to release Long Distance to Pop Radio next week according to sources. This new version of Long Distance has since surfaced and it is GREAT! Check it out and tell me what you think! Past this into your browser: mms:// OR

Brandy Billboard Chart Updates [1.17.09]

Human Billboard 200: #72 (- 3 spots, Pk: #15) Comprehensive Album Chart: #77(- 3 spots, Pk: #16) Top R&B Hip Hop Albums: #17(Same as last wk pos., Pk: #5) Right Here Departed Hot 100: #81(- 16 spots, Pk: #34) Pop 100: #48(+ 1 spot, Pk:#22) Pop 100 Airplay: #37(Same as last week pos, Pk: #23) … Continue reading

Brandy Bilboard Charts Update [1/3/09]

Human Performance Billboard 200:  #66 (Down 51 spots) R&B/Hip Hop Albums: #15 (Down 10 Spots)   RHD Chart Performance: Hot Digital Singles: #50(Down 24 spots) Hot Digital Tracks: #52 (Down 26 Spots) Hot 100: #60(Down 26 spots) Pop 100: #31 (Down 9 spots) Pop 100 Airplay: #31 (Down 7 Spots) Mainstream Top 40 Airpay: #29 … Continue reading

Is Radio READY!!!!!

Check out this review of Long Distance! I can’t wait to hear LD on the radio!

LONG DISTANCE (Full Version)!!!

This song is AMAZING! Remember, it hits radion on the 15th so prepare to support it on your local radio stations! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to snippet! HEAR THE FULL VERSION HERE!!!

Long Distance Coming to Radio!!!

It’s COMING!!!! Long Distance is scheduled to be released on October 15 to radio! You know what that means for STARS! I means we need to get to requesting BOTH songs! Check out the link where Brandy talks about the album and the two singles!

Brandy’s ALLHIPHOP Interview! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Brandy’s Sing Long Distance praised!

Check out this video of Brandy in Pittsburgh talking about her second single, “Long Distance.”