Brandy Udpate #90

I have no idea how many updates I have done so I thought 90 was a round number! How are you all doing? Brandy has the best fans! I ahve seen some great tattoos from Starz around the world! Here is one that was Twitpic’ed. Brandy RT’ed so she liked it to! Shout out to … Continue reading

Brandy Tidbits!

What has our Brandy been up to? She was at new artist Ester Dean’s video shoot this week for “Drop it Low”. She also set up her Ustream! No word on the page link but we will get that to you as soon as possible! Not sure what a Ustream is? Check out! I … Continue reading

I Brandy Dating?

The producer Hit-Boy? Those rumors are circling however I think Brandy has been pretty open about their FRIENDSHIP! If they are dating, that’s cool too! Everybody needs a little love! However, we are not certain that’s the case! I will keep you updated! We will be defending her love choices all of the way! Unless … Continue reading

Brandy Updates #82

Hey there folks! Hope all is well! Brandy is still on her grind and in the studio with Producer Hit-Boy. Hit-Boy produced Brandy’s 1st & Love. Hes produced records for Snoop Dogg, Flo-Rida, Jennifer Lopez, Tiffany Evans and Young Steff as well. Who knew that Brandy performed at  the National Governors Conference hosted by the … Continue reading