Are you following Brandy Norwood on Twitter?

You should be! If you were you would have found out who Brandy thinks is the BEST PRODUCER EVER! Lets get Brandy to 100K followers people! She is close with 99K! Advertisements

Brandy & Kelly Rowland Shopping!

They are back together a agin and looking AMAZING!

NEW: Brandy Sings National Anthem/Long Distance @ NBA Game [Video]

Well.. I finally found it y’all!!! Make sure you thank the poster! AMAZING BRANDY! AMAZING!!! National Anthem Long Distance Right Here (Departed) Yes B! Sang! WOW! Cracks! These Photos are courtesy of the NBA.

Brandy & Day 26 in Concert!!!

Who:Brandy & Day 26 When: Feb 7 2009 8:00PM Where: Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium Athens, OH USA Tickets:

Crazy Brandy Fan reorganizing WalMart Racks!!!!

I love this woman.. so I have to make sure she gets the respect she is due. Therefore, I had to take a few trips to walmart, Target, and Bestbuy… Brandy is now on top! No Brandy the first time! Then I went back ready to make siure Brandy was on top! Here a few … Continue reading

Brandy’s Ripped Jeans Debacle!!!

So everybody and their Grandma has been asking me about Brandy’s darn Jeans. I am just going to tell all of you how I feel about them at once. For one, they ARE designer jeans. Don’t try and play Bran Bran! The are True Religeon Jeans… Here is what they look like before someone Edwards … Continue reading

Right Here (Departed) & Long Distance Radio Spins 11.19.08

11/19 – Right Here (Departed) Hot AC: 30 spins (-2) Pop: 2258 spins (+42) Urban: 467 spins (-16) Rhythmic: 298 spins (+6) Urban AC: 438 spins (-35) BET: 1 spins (=1) Spins: 3492 spins (-5) Total spins: 43407 spins (+569) Audience: 22.704 million (-0.547) Total audience to date: 337.510 million (+5.802)   LOOKING GOOD BRAN!!!!  11/19 … Continue reading

Would you believe…

That I was banned from You will never beleive why!!! I posted a thread called “Beyonce isn’t as big as…” The thread addressed Beyonce’s album sales not being comparable with Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys. One of the administrators decides to use his authority to lock the thread. I question that authority because … Continue reading

Brandy Update #14

The following stations added Right Here (Departed) to their playlists this week: CIHT-FM     Canada-Top 40 Ottawa         CKBT-FM     Canada-Top 40 Kitchener         * CKCW-FM     Canada-Top 40 Moncton         KHKS-FM     Top 40 Dallas         * KLAL-FM … Continue reading

Right Here (Departed) Radio Spins 11.12.08

11/12 Hot AC: 32 spins (+2) Pop: 1836 spins (+41) Urban: 709 spins (-36) Rhythmic: 414 spins (-35) Urban AC: 509 spins (+12) BET: 2 spins (-1) Spins: 3502 spins (-17) Total spins:  39509 spins (+529) Audience: 24.806 million (+0.307) Total audience to date: 305.697 million (+4.01)