BIG NEWS!!!! Brandy selects news Single?

Rumor has it… and one of my sources confirms that Brandy is indeed releasing a new single… but to my surprise, it is not 1st & Love.. it’s reported to be the amazing song, “FALL.”  That is my favorite song on the record, no doubt! Its also still floating that John Legend is dropping “Quickly” … Continue reading

Brandy Update #53

1. Record Label Madness 2. New album in ’09? 3. Win a phone call from Brandy with <—Go here on your phone

Brandy’s Promotion Problems: Is it Just me?

Is it just me or does B-Rocka has some promotional issues? Seems like her Promotional team never get it right after that second single… Brandy’s albums have so much potential but they die! Who is making the decsions! I made a video to fully articulate my thoughts!

Dear Epic Records…

Write a note to Epic (again)… Maybe if we flood their inbox AGAIN, something will happen! We need regular site updates with new articles, upcoming events, and press releases!

Brandy Update #35

Thanks to ForeverBrandyfan, we have GREAT photos from the V103 show in ATL the other night! Here is one great photo! The rest will be on the photo page! Beautiful huh? Have I ever told y’all how much I loved this woman? He he he! In Brandy news… you probably already figured this out but … Continue reading

Brandy Update #33

The Billboard charts are released Thursday but we are privy to information early at times! Brandy will likely crack the top 50 on  the Billboard Hot 1 with Right Here (Departed). The single makes a HUGE digital sales jump #61-#26. Thats an 86% increase in sales! The song seems to have so much life! Such … Continue reading

Brandy on Fox & Friends! (Video)

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO!  They will air her performance on the show this weekend! Check your loacal listings for more information!

I am Officially PISSED with Epic Records!!!

Just like any other day, I go to the damn epic Records website but today BLOWS MY MIND! I want you to go to Epic Records website at Why in the heck is there HUGE promotion for The Fray’s album that comes out in FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first screen you see is an entire page dedicated … Continue reading

Is Radio READY!!!!!

Check out this review of Long Distance! I can’t wait to hear LD on the radio!

Clip found of LONG DISTANCE!!

I came across this clip of Long Distnace on Brandysource! Check it out!!!! CLICK HERE!!! WONDERFUL!!!