Are you following Brandy Norwood on Twitter?

You should be! If you were you would have found out who Brandy thinks is the BEST PRODUCER EVER! Lets get Brandy to 100K followers people! She is close with 99K! Advertisements

Brandy Update #70: TV SHow Details! Alabama Concert Drama…More!

YAY @ us having over 170 followers on twitter! Thats kinda cool, don’t you think? Please note that the twitter address did change! So. So much has happened over the last couple of days! Where to begin! It all started when we got an exclusive call from a great guy from Alabama who had … Continue reading

Brandy Update #67: Brandy Gets NEW TV Role! Top 30 Songs!!!

Yes, Brandy confirms on Twitter that she got the role for a new TV pilot! I think what this means is that she will do a few episodes and then they will market the pilot to different networks! Its also been said that CW is already picking up the sitcom! We shall see! This is … Continue reading

Brandy Update #60: Is it True? Tyrese? New Video?

I need to clear a few things up! Imagine me clearing things up to “True” in the background, kay? Ummmm…. Why is somebody faking like they are Brandy on Twitter? How do you know Dominique? I am glad you asked! Brandy was in New York with Rihanna, Jay Z and Bey while the person perpetrating … Continue reading

BIG NEWS!!!! Brandy selects news Single?

Rumor has it… and one of my sources confirms that Brandy is indeed releasing a new single… but to my surprise, it is not 1st & Love.. it’s reported to be the amazing song, “FALL.”  That is my favorite song on the record, no doubt! Its also still floating that John Legend is dropping “Quickly” … Continue reading