Brandy Radio Spins Last Week [2/1-7/2009]

2/1 AC: 3 spin (+2) Pop: 5 spins (=) Rhythmic: 133 spins (-4) Urban: 949 spins (-1) Urban AC: 789 spins (+10) BET: 4 spins (=) Spins: 1883 spins (+7) Total spins: 15400 spins (+516) Audience: 8.755 million (+0.160) Total audience to date: 98.171 (+1.614)2/2 AC: 4 spin (+1) Pop: 3 spins (-2) Rhythmic: 127 … Continue reading

Brandy’s “Long Distance” #1 on 106 & Park!

The fans are amazing! I knew it would happen this week! Lets keep her there! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!!

Long Distance and Right Here (Departed) Updates

Hey everybody! I have been neglecting the regulars! I am sorry!! Anywho… there is good news and bad news! Lest start with the bad news… Right Here has officially “Departed.” Radio stations are falling off slowly! Pop and Adult Contemporary are the places you are likely to hear the song and Hot Adult contemporary has … Continue reading


CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!! (Be sure to clean your cookies if your voting multiple times in one day)

Brandy Update #28

Brandy was on 106 & Park today and looked AMAZING. The hair was flaweless! She seemed a little tired but was still beaming. I am sure that everyone has noted that she was not on The View today. There are a lot of rumors swimming around about why that is. I HEARD that it had … Continue reading

Brandy does “BET BluePrint” Concert!!!

Brandy will perform 5 songs for BET’s bluprint. Trueexclusives has all the details, video clips, and information about the BB King concert!

“Long Distance” Video Premieres! (Updated)

FINALLY! The day we have all been waiting for! Brandy will premiere her new video on 106 & Park! I can’t WAIT! I will be leaving work early to see this! Its going to be amazing! I have a great feeling about this video and record! Don’t you? Check out the RapUpTV video below!!! Be … Continue reading

Brandy Update #20

Is Brandy one of Christina Millian’s favorite singers? Find out what songs she chose as her Favorite Brandy Song! Here is a hint… in the video she was preggers with Sy’rai CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT! Brandy performed in Detroit over thanksgiving and some AMAZING Pictures surfaced! I created a photos page so some of … Continue reading

Brandy Update #11

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/110857&embedId=49395276&premium=true&height=500&width=425] Live in Miami? Brandy will be there next week! Click HERE for more information!!! She is in Philly On Friday! Find more information on Wired 96.5’s web site!!! Brandy blows on 106! This is SOOO CLassic for me! Brandy’s Right Here (departed) jumps up another 9 spots on the Top 40 charts … Continue reading

Brandy Footage Leaving B.E.T.!

A fan posted footage! Make sure you rate the video and thank the poster!   D