HUMAN Buying Guide

Human Buying Guide:   Can you believe it! Human is finally here and will be in stores soon! I am SOOOOO excited! I put together some tips and FAQs for all the fans. Let me know if you have any other questions!   Who will sell the album for the cheapest? Target wins! You can … Continue reading

Brandy Update #24

Yahoo names Brandy one of the top Teen Idols of all times… Of 25, she was ranked #23. I know if I look at this, I would be mad so I am not going to look but you can. Here is THE LINK! is trying to start drama by saying Brandy dissed Beyonce and … Continue reading

Long Distance Video in People!

Check it out!,,20240555,00.html

Radio Spins for Right Here (Departed)/Long Distance 11.14

11/14 – Right Here (Departed) Hot AC: 28 spins (-3) Pop: 1953 spins (+41) Urban: 584 spins (-63) Rhythmic: 373 spins (-19) Urban AC: 467 spins (-9) BET: 2 spins (+0) Spins: 3406 spins (-39) Total spins: 40542 spins (+516) Audience: 23.274 million (-0.398) Total audience to date: 316.626 million (+3.682) 11/14 – Long Distance … Continue reading

Long Legend’s “Quickly” Featuring Brandy (VIDEO NEWS) confirms that “Quickly” will be John Legend’s 3rd single and that he will be making a video with Brandy really Soon! That is GREAT news!!! Check it out! What’s the next single? John Legend: We just shot the video for Everybody Knows, so we’ll be releasing that next. Then we’re shooting the video … Continue reading

Brandy Update #8 (LD Video News)

  Yes! Thats another photo from the new Video, “Long Distance.” I can’t WAIT! Its going to be SO LIVE! STay tune for more updates on the video!   Brand is KILLING Top 40 charts! She is only on 95 Top 40 stations and is coming in at about #29… Right Here (Departed) is getting … Continue reading