Brandy Performs on the Today Show!! [1.2.09] + Update #40

Brandy will perform on the Today Show on Friday, January 2, 2009 in the 10 )’ Clock hour. It is a pre-recording where she is lilely to be performing Long Distance, the second single off her critically acclaimed album, Human. Human is in stores everywhere and available digitally! Check your local listings for more information … Continue reading

Brandy & Car Crash Victim Sued (TMZ)

Photo above is from A man banged up in Brandy’s fatal 2006 car crash is now suing the singer for allegedly causing the wreck — and suing the lady who died for allegedly contributing to the chain reaction collision. Donald Lite is going after Brandy and Awatef Aboudihaj — the married mother of two … Continue reading

Poll of the Day: How many did you Buy?

Brandy does “BET BluePrint” Concert!!!

Brandy will perform 5 songs for BET’s bluprint. Trueexclusives has all the details, video clips, and information about the BB King concert!

The Third Single?

Brandy Exclusive Tracks & Buying the Album!

Hey Stars! So, Epic has worked out deals with Bestbuy, Itunes, and Wal-Mart to provide Exclusive Tracks. Very strategic move on their part! Wal-Mart will have 2 exclusive tracks (Source) that have not yet been identified. BestBuy will also have an exclusive track. It appears that Bestbuy’s track will be “After the Flood” (Source) but it could … Continue reading

Brandy Tracl “Fall”


BREAKING NEWS: Long Distance Hits Radio 11.11!!!!!!

Click HERE for the news! Long Distance is FINALLY going up for adds on Radio on November 10th and 11th!

Brandy Hosted SIRIUS’ Hot Jamz channel Today!!

Here’s the release: Grammy® award-winning R&B artist Brandy will guest deejay on SIRIUS’ Hot Jamz channel while SIRIUS’ DJ Hollywood is on vacation. Brandy’s visit to the SIRIUS studios coincides with the release of her upcoming record, Human, available later this fall. The singer/actress will personally introduce songs from some of her favorite artists as … Continue reading

Radio Statiosn that Added RHD This week!!!

ADDS this week!!! Station/spins/Format/Market CFBT-FM Pub 9 Canada-Top 40 Vancouver CHUM-FM Pub 5 Canada-Hot AC Toronto CIOO-FM Pub 2 Canada-Hot AC Halifax KHOP-FM Pub 8 Top 40 Modesto, CA KHTS-FM Pub 2 Top 40 San Diego KIIS-FM Pub 0 Top 40 Los Angeles KSPW-FM Pub 0 Top 40 Springfield, MO KZMG-FM Pub 9 Top 40 … Continue reading