TMZ Catches Brandy Talking While Driving!

We love you brandy but this is not a good look. That being said, we have no idea whether she was actually DRIVING or not. Just because you are in a car doesnt mean you are actually driving. That being said, this probably isn’t the best move PR wise or legally for Queen B.

3 Responses to “TMZ Catches Brandy Talking While Driving!”
  1. cHaZzY says:

    I hope she stopped before takin’ the call … it should not be that way I think it was ^^
    Beauty, you are allowed to make mistakes but never drive while talkin’ on the phone or worse !

    I hope she did the right thing because this is publicity she does NOT need – never !

  2. cHaZzY says:

    Oh by the way, do they even have evidence ? There is always a video – why isn’t it this time ?

  3. LarLee says:

    thank you i said the same dame thing she not even driving with they bored asses its so fucking shady what they do to celebz you really think brandy wud do some shit like that when you been through what she’s been through dont fuk’n think so

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