Brandy Udpate #90

I have no idea how many updates I have done so I thought 90 was a round number! How are you all doing?

Brandy has the best fans! I ahve seen some great tattoos from Starz around the world! Here is one that was Twitpic’ed. Brandy RT’ed so she liked it to! Shout out to whoever this belongs to! I didnt ask for permission to post! (Source)

Brandy and Hit-Boy amuse me! I am not sure if they are an item but Brandy quoted someone saying, “I need him” and Hit-boy tweeted her, “Who is this ‘him’ you speak of?” Cute, right?

 Speaking of love and our girl… Someobebody must have did her wrong! She tweets… “STUDIO- writing about my past that has remained unspoken..Gotta sing about it though.. What else can I do:/? “I can’t believe you left me””

In other news Brandy and Monica have been encouraging one another. Brandy reminded Monica that she is a super strong woman… a grateful Monica responded that she and B needed to do lunch soon! Apparently Monica gives great advice! Brandy said she needed some of it!

Gotta love Little Sy’Rai!

So I get home from the sauna and Rai goes-Ma, you look a hot mess! Should I whoop that tail or laught it off cuz she’s telling the truth?lol



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