DANG Brandy Norwood! 369,000 views in ajust a few days!

Anyone who follows Brandy on twitter (http://twitter.com/4everbrandy) recalls the night she was playing around in her bathroom. She tweeted that she needed someone to help her upload a video to Youtube… the rest is history! In just 4 days Brandy’s youtbe video has been viewed well over 369,000 times, favorited 3,477 times, and rated 1,900 times averaging a 4.82 ating out of 5! Outside of the 125,000 views on Youtube.. blog readers from sites like Concreteloop (11K Views), Nicolebitchie (14K), Bossip (13K), and 25,000 views on facebook have helped!

I am STILL getting emails, texts and phone calls from friends and loved ones who know how much I admire this woman’s voice. The question for many is, “what should she do next?” She she upload more! Surprisingly, many of her fans want her to avoid overexposing herself. Others feel its a great way to stay relevant and make the big comeback she deserves. One of the funny things about this video is that I noticed that some people never heard of Brandy! I know, isn’t that wierd? People wrote on youtube, “You are going to be a big star.” Quite naturally diehard Brandy fans have been monitoring all of those comments to make sure no one gets out of line!

Oh, and while there is news circulating of a new record deal with Interscope, it has not yet been confirmed. Perhaps this video will help get the ball rolling. Anyways… what do you thing Brandy should do next? Check out the weekly stats for the Youtube video!

2 Responses to “DANG Brandy Norwood! 369,000 views in ajust a few days!”
  1. cHaZzY says:

    She needs to release a burner like Goodnight/Goodmorning worldwide !!!

    Somehow I think that SV2 could push her !

  2. MJ says:

    Where did you get your stats from about the blogs?

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