Bloggers Respond To Brandy’s Video

Check out what the Bloggers are saying about Brandy’s amazing acapella vocal we posted yesterday! Make sure you leave comments for them Starz! I was so happy to see all of the hots this video got on youtube! I think its up to like 20,000! Go B!


dang bran still one of my fav singers iight g-night yall

MrHoustonsWorld (Marques Houston)


If ever there was ANY question about this woman’s vocal ability… this should clear up any debate! Brandy has one of the most powerful, unique, crisp, and authentic voices of our time! If you are not a fan, you have NO idea what you are missing! WOW Brandy! (Source) R&B Songstress Brandy Norwood, decided to upload a video of her singing classic ballad “Over The Rainbow” to the rapturous praise of fans and fellow singers. The video which has already gained 19,000 viewers since its release last night is only indication of the huge talent that still resides in the industry despite manufactured talent heaping the praise (ahem Rihanna, cough Cassie, atchoo Jeremih).

Twitter responses

Tyrese –“My Opinion NO1 in the game Vocally cn touch BRANDY NORWOOD”

Dawn Richard –“yo ur voice.. amazing! we ca’nt stop watching this video in the studio… gosh i luv ya”

Jazmine Sullivan – “and why did brandy have to kill that “somewhere over the rainbow like thaaaaat”??!!!”

Ciara – “Heres one of my favorite voices in music!”


That’s why she has it all. They don’t make ‘em like Brandy no more. (Source)


Clearly Ray J’s big sister was feeling her moment with the vocals, and the weave.

Brandy chose to tackle an American classic, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” in what appears to be her bathroom. However, I think somebody needs to remind our once reigning diva that less is most certainly more.

While I realize that we live in Beyonce and Rihanna world, over singing a classic is definitely NOT the move.

I won’t lie; She came in very strong. But by the end of her ‘rainbow’ rendition, I found myself looking around the room wondering who told the former pop star that she was an actual vocalist. Don’t misread my last sentence – that was no diss. It’s just that B – thats Brandy, NOT Beyonce- was never admired for her strong vocals. She was loved for her hard work, cute dance moves and overall good song presentation.

But I’m still a sucker for me some Brandy so I fux with either way. I’ll just make a mental note to self to hit the pause button a 1:30 into it.

And is that a broomstick holding open a door in the background? What’s that about.

Sidebar, why am I thinking that Monica would KILL this song. Mo, what say you. (Source)

This was nice:

Brandy has been off the scene for a minute, probably enjoying her success and healing from the accident. The girl decided to record herself in the bathroom singing and we must say.. the performance is touching and shows true talent. (Source)

The original and STILL the fuckin’ baddest.

These new chicks need to grab a pen and paper and take some notes from a true R&B queen.

This isn’t really a song that I like to see over-sung, but Brandy is just wildin’ out and having fun in her bathroom, and she’s still better than ya faves.

In other news B-Rocka will be featured on Timbalands Shock Value 2.Yessss! (Source)

Now, you guys know that I am a serious Brandy Stan all day! At the same time, I stand corrected if anyone does anything wrong in my eyes. But, Brandy just made Ashanti look like sour milk! Just watch and see…

Amazing! This is what inspires me. Real & True singers! -Stay Fly! (Source)


Last night, Brandy posted a video of herself on YouTube singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” with, as she would like to stress, no makeup… “sleepy eyes”… wrong lyrics. HA like I care! This is 1) one of the best vocals showings I’ve heard in quite a while, 2) why Brandy is one of the most underrated talents in the industry, & 3) yet another reason why I love my Rocka so much. Do yourself a HUGE favor & pick up her newest album Human ASAP! (Source)


Enough Said. (Source)

Check out the youtube ratings!

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One Response to “Bloggers Respond To Brandy’s Video”
  1. Kordney says:

    OMG!!!! I am blown away by this video! I LOVE Brandy sooooo much!. This proves that true talent still lives!….all you other “female artists”….SCHOOL IS IN SESSION! Hands down! No one can touch Brandy!!! I Love Rocka!!

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