Brandy Norwood Update #87

Hey there folks! Hope all is well! A lot has been poppin off for Brandy but since we are not in publicity mode, its hard to get over here and update everyone on whats going on! Hopefully you are all following Brandy on twitter! If not, CLICK HERE and make that happen! As you may know, Ray J is taping the second season of his hit show, “For the Love of Ray J,” in which Brandy will be apart of! She has been chilling on the set with the family! Little Sy’Rai spent the summer with her father and is back home with Brandy in L.A. and starting 2nd grade! My, oh my how times fly!

Anyone who knows me knows I LIVE for Brandy’s Touch Me.. I have dubbed it “Honorary Gospel.” Check out a group of young and incredible talented singers KILLIN my jam! 

In other news, it’s NOT being reported that Brandy will be featured on Timberland’s Shock Volume 2… which is indeed a shocker since we are CERTAIN they have been working together in the studio! One can only conclude that they have been recording music for her album. Speaking of Brandy’s future… she has ambiguously confirmed on Ustream that she has a new label and is “in good hands” although the details have not been publicized as of yet! When we hear, we will let you know!

French singer R-ik has remade Brandy’s Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out… never heard of him but check it out!


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