Brandy Tidbits!

What has our Brandy been up to? She was at new artist Ester Dean’s video shoot this week for “Drop it Low”. She also set up her Ustream! No word on the page link but we will get that to you as soon as possible! Not sure what a Ustream is? Check out! I know you all want to know if Brandy and that little boy are dating. I am thinking NOT although they could be keeping it on the low! Don’t tell anyone I called him a little boy! LOL! He sags and thats quite childish to me! What did Jay-Z say? Let’s go over to Bsource and see whats going on over there, shall we?

Reporting live from… The premiere source for all things Brandy (aside from…Back! Good stuff!

A little flashback! I LOVE this song!

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