Brandy Update #84

Well.. well..well! Hello readers! Thanks for your continued support!

Check out some great Brandy updated in my WEEKEND WRAP-UP #7!

I’m still trying to find out just how much B-Rocka we will be getting on the upcoming Timberland joint… I have a feeling we could be getting a banger or two! I am so happy that Brandy is still going hard in the studio! I get really excited when I hear that singers are in the studio late at night perfecting their craft. That just means they don’t want to put out mess for the mans! Keep grindin B!

I am going to ASSUME that most of you follow Brandy on Twitter and of late she has been particularly funny! She tweeted about not wanting SyRai wearing lace fronts and weaves at age 8. I am with you! Interestingly enough, people were going hard on Brandy in the blogs for putting braids in SyRai head. I wonder if people really see any difference between the two. I think little girls should have little girl hair-dos and I see nothing wrong with Braids… After all.. Pageant moms get away with it!

SUBMIT Your Favorite Youtube videos of fans sing Brandy songs for the “Fans” page! Just post the link or e-mail them to me at!

Here is a good one!


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