I still Love B-Rocka…

I have been such a bad steward of this site. Let this be no reflection of my love for BRN! Love that woman with all of my heart. I have just been traveling a lot and have had difficulty managing iamdomo.com and I love Brandy! I am thinking about doing a Brandy page on Iamdomo.com with updates so that I have no excuse! What do y’all think about that! Let me know! I am not even sure who checks this anymore! Shout out to the folks on Bsource. I was gone for a minute and they showed Grandpa love!

2 Responses to “I still Love B-Rocka…”
  1. michael says:

    yes u should we deserve 2 no wats up with our homegirl! ur doing a good job though! 😀

  2. michelle says:

    yes pleez i noticed this page kinda not updated in a while:(

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