Brandy vs. Bimbo Whinehouse: MUST SEE!

So Brandy hosted a party for Gay Pride in New York and some no-name blogger that doesn’t even own his own domain was apparently granted an interview with her! Long story short, he got mad to he started asking her questions about sleeping with women, Kelly’s family, etc. Brandy proceeded to have him removed from the club after some back and forth in which she allegedly removed his disc from his camcorder! Brandy is sooo smart! Good move! Anyway.. lets hear from Bimbo how all of this unfolded…

Dear Bimbo,

You look very small and ignorant in this video! When you crack CDs that YOU paid for, you are only wasting YOUR money! Do you think that Brandy is going to lose sleep over you breaking a CD? She already got her money fool! Further more, if you are trying to get the sympathy of the viewing public.. you might want to think about not working so hard to be hurtful! Many of the things that you said lacked class and dignity and if you were carrying on like that in the club.. you deserved to be put out! You did not have Brandy’s permission to videotape her therefore she has the right to remove that disc! I am certain that she can have her people write you a check to replace the disc! Get some class! You may be right but your way of going about it is trashy! You should be ashamed of yourself!

4 Responses to “Brandy vs. Bimbo Whinehouse: MUST SEE!”
  1. cZ says:

    He is not just a hater – this thing is sooo silllllly !

    Breakin’ the CDs when he already bought them – HAHA !

    It is not my mother language BUT it is hard for me to follow him. He even cannot express himself in complete sentences.

    We love you Brandy 🙂

  2. Tyrelle says:


    Why dis dude aksin Brandy about Kelly rowland and Beyonce? He was lookin for Drama.. dude is the kind of Homo people hate and are against..

    Breakin Cd’s ? Name calling? Dude ur two Donuts away from being plus sized.. aint no chicks or niggaz knockin down ya door. how u tryin 2 call out sumbody? come on

    End of the Day, Brandy will be who she is SOMEBODY and this bimbo fag will be the Nobody who can’t even get a good graphic artist for his Site.

  3. chris says:

    god what a idiot…just commented on his blog!!gives gay guys a bad name

  4. Jared says:

    This guy just wants to be Perez Hilton. It’s unfortunate that anyone would aspire to be that dirty and unimportant. He’s just another no-talent who wants to be famous for doing NOTHING!

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