Brandy Update #77: New Albun/Single News? New Photos!

Here’s whats floating around on the web with regard to a new album from Brandy:

“Hey guys, I heard some pretty interesting news about Brandy’s next project. The release date for the first single from her new album is June 2009! Which is only a month away. It will be a total departure from the last album, as in very current and ‘club banger’ in vibe… close sources tell me the single is called ‘Laboutin’ and that it’s a very sassy/attitude filled swag’ track. She has also recorded a duet with Ne-Yo, which although I’m not musically excited about I am excited for in terms of it giving her profile the boost it’s needed for a while. We all know Brandy has the talent but for the longest time her focus has been on making music she’s passionate about at the expense of the charts/clubs/radio. I think this time around from what I’ve heard she’s willing to do what’s necessary and for that we might actually get some chart success from her… and for everyone who wasn’t feeling the Darkchild relationship last time around it’s looking like Rodney and his ego will thankfully not be involved this time.”

She also mentions in the video below at around about 5:15 that the next album will have lot so f club bangers! CHECK IT OUT!


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