Brandy Update #74: Becky Buckwild said what? MORE PICS!

Whydidn’t any of you tell me that Becky Buckwild has used her twitter to disrespect the queen???

She said: LMAO Tila Tequila and Ray J are a couple now?HAHA Perfect match! 2 talentless whores famous for getting naked. Boo!

BeckyBuckwild@itsRayJ LMAO you reply to me haha! I got more fans than ur wack ass and I don’t do shit. Didn’t your sister kill some guy in her car?

BeckyBuckwildLOL @itsRayJ gettin mad about me talkin ish! Haha muthaf*cka you ain’t no Flav! And I wouldn’t even smash him. Keep hittin crack hoes stud!

BeckyBuckwild Aw lol @ Ray j tryna get back at cocktail for fucking Matsuflex by hooking up with Tila

Ummmmm Becky! You were on a show called “charm School” aimed at taking trash and creating class.. Prior to that you were on the meat market for a guy with no teeth who was your age, times 2! I am not sure our in the position to be making  judgements about ANYONE’S past! Thats number 1! #2… Who  are you? If you were somebody in the industry, the means by which you gathered attention from people wouldn’t be by putting others down! Moving on!


Oh, ray J is on Twitter.. are you follwoing him?

One Response to “Brandy Update #74: Becky Buckwild said what? MORE PICS!”
  1. i says:

    Buckwild looks like James Brown’s (RIP) widow. YUKK lol

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