Brandy Update #73: Brandy INTERNATIONAL SENSATION! Videos! PICTURES! Interviews

I know, I know! I been slippin! Heavy traveling for me so it hards to keep up but I am “kinda” back!!

Here’s a video of Brandy in London!

Check out this fan’s review of a Brandy Concert in London HERE!


HERES’ an Interview:

R’N’B star Brandy will perform in the UK this week.

The US singer, famed for hits including I Wanna Be Down and Sittin’ Up In My Room, hasn’t visited UK shores for some time, and is certainly looking forward to performing for her British fans. But recent years haven’t been uneventful for the 30-year-old singer and actress who starred in the hit US sitcom, Moesha.


In 2008, after a four-year hiatus, she released her highly-anticipated album, Human. This marked a welcome return for Brandy, who had previously been out of

the spotlight, following her involvement in a car crash in 2006, which claimed the life of one victim. Today, the talented songstress admits that she’s still

trying to put the tragedy behind her. But the mother-ofone tells Davina Morris that family, faith and focus keep her going.



You’ve been in the business since the age of 15. What kept you grounded as a teen star?


Having my mum right by my side made it hard for me to ever get off track. She always encouraged me to stay focused. Having her as both my mum and my manager, it would have been very hard for me to do anything bad without her noticing!



You recently said that you thought R’n’B singer Keyshia Cole would be a good match for your younger brother, [fellow R’n’B star] Ray J. What did he make of that?


I guess he’s open to it, but him and Keyshia are very close friends and I don’t think they wanna do anything to ruin that friendship. But I like Keyshia

a lot. I think she challenges my brother and she’s a strong force to be reckoned with. I think my brother needs that in his life!



Were you embarrassed when Ray J’s sex tape [with his former girlfriend, reality star Kim Kardashian] leaked onto the internet?


I was a lot of things – embarrassed was definitely one of them. I was also shocked. But in his defence, that was his girlfriend – someone he was very much in love with. It wasn’t some random girl off the street that he decided to make a short flick with! It was with someone he was in a relationship with. They were young and having fun, and it got out of their hands and got out!



It must have been difficult enough trying to cope following your car crash in 2006. Were you angry at the way the tragedy was played out in the public eye?


Yes, I was angry at that. I didn’t feel that some people were considerate of how tragic the situation was, and how deeply it hurt everybody involved. It was so public, and so many people had opinions about it. There were a lot of negative opinions that came out, and some of the things that people said about me and the situation, I could never say about another person. It was an accident – nothing was on purpose. Nobody involved woke up that day and thought that anything like that would happen. Some of the things that were said really affected me and bothered me. But I stayed around people that loved me and supported me and that helped me get through. It’s still hard now, but I pray every day that everybody that was involved will be ok someday.



What are your fondest memories of Moesha?


It allowed me to develop another family [with my co-stars]. You begin to care about these people and learn from them, and sometimes we’d argue and then make up just like family members. It was wonderful to share that chemistry with the people involved and I was very sad when it ended. I didn’t like the way it ended. It ended with a cliffhanger, as if we were gonna come back, but then we didn’t come back. It was a show that was followed by so many people and I think that ending it that way was very irresponsible. But it was a long time ago.



What was your initial reaction when you learned of the death of your Moesha co-star, Lamont Bentley (who played Hakeem Campbell)?


I was very hurt and shocked for a long time. I knew him for most of my teenage years – I grew up with him on television. He was such a great talent and a fantastic guy.



How is motherhood treating you?


Motherhood is so great. My daughter is six, and some of the things she says to me are so profound. Sometimes I think I learn more from her than she does from me! Her spirit is so beautiful.



You split up with your daughter’s father, but are things amicable between you?


Oh, absolutely. They have to be. I saw a picture of Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis and all the kids at a movie premiere, and I was like, ‘That should be my situation!’ So I called my daughter’s dad and I was like, ‘You’ve gotta see this picture!’ I told him where it was so he found it on the internet, and I was like ‘We have to be that way.’ I felt it was important, not only for our daughter but for everyone involved. I like him as a

person and I like the girl he’s with, so I was like, ‘Let’s just be a family’. It took work to get there but we’re good now.



Brandy will perform at IndigO2, O2 Arena, London SE10 on May 7. Visit

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  1. vmars08 says:

    WOW! She KILLED, esp. with Afrodisiac & Who Is She 2 U!! Love her sooo much.

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