Brandy Update #72: Pics, Show Taping news, Tour? CoverGirl contract?

Brandy dines at Mr. Chows with Omar & Keisha Epps! According to Omar’s twitter, it was “A night for the books.” Here is what our girl wore…

Hmmm…. Cute? Yes? No? Maybe so? B has always had a unique style. I mean this with ALLLLL die respect but when I see B, I always think, “She doesn’t have a stylist!” Let me just note that I get to say this because I am her #1 fan! Well, at the very least.. I get to say it because this is my blog!

Here’s B and her God Brother…

Anyways! I have been gone for a minute Brandy has been repping! They did tape some of the Miss Piggy episodes and there were some Starz who went and go to talk with Brandy, Sonja and others! Brandy playes a character by the name of Tina and is very funny! Those who were there at the taping were serenaded by Papa Norwood and even Sonja recognized some of the Starz from Twitter. Thats pretty cool, huh? Any of you go?

Dawn from Dannity.. LOVES B! See what she had to say when you click more!

Brandy has been doing oversees interviews and will cross the country line this weekend for Europe…


7: Indigo2 London
8: Bataclan Paris
9: Paradiso Amsterdam
10: Ancienne Belgique Brussels
13: Vega Copenhagen
14: Tradgarn Gothenburg
15: Scentrum Oslo, Norway
16: KB Malmo
25: Billboard Live Tokyo
26: Billboard Live Tokyo
27: Billboard Live Tokyo
29: Billboard Live Osaka
30: Billboard Live Osaka


There are talks of anew covergirl contract! As of now, these are just rumors but if those rumors come true, that would crack! Its really important for Brandy to continue being visible! No company will ever want to invest in someone who isn’t relevant!


Singer/songwriter Cristyle “The Ink” Johnson is currently helming joints on Brandy Norwood’s upcoming 6th studio album, which is earmarked for release later this year via Knockout Entertainment / Epic Records. The pair previously worked together on the Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins-produced “The Definition” and “Shattered Heart”, taken from the artist’s last studio offering, “Human”.

She Also Co-Wrote/Wrote songs like Beyonce’s Scared Of Lonely, Janet Jackson’s The 1, So Much Better & What’s Your Name, Mariah Carey’s I’ll Be Loving U Long Time, Cruise Control & Side Effects.

3 Responses to “Brandy Update #72: Pics, Show Taping news, Tour? CoverGirl contract?”
  1. AJ says:

    i love her style! it looks amazing shes so adorable! 😀

  2. Thomas says:

    Just thought I’d let you know.. Bran Bran is not playting in Copenhagen Vega… sadly!!!

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