Brandy Update #70: TV SHow Details! Alabama Concert Drama…More!

YAY @ us having over 170 followers on twitter! Thats kinda cool, don’t you think? Please note that the twitter address did change!

So. So much has happened over the last couple of days! Where to begin! It all started when we got an exclusive call from a great guy from Alabama who had the skinny on the cancelled concert at the University of  Montevallo. We tried to do some invesitigation and it kinda went sour on us! Brandy allegedly cancelled that concert due to a reading she had to do in LA tonight (Thursday). The promoter of the show MAY/MAY not have been told that she was cancelling because she couldn’t miss a late night TV appearance! Who knows what really happen! So, we are on twitter trying to figure out details and we ask Brandy about the situation. She replies basically saying that with respect to both parties, her lips are shut!

 I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to share:( I wish I could but I just want to respect all parties involved.

Five minutes later, she tells another Twitter homie that she is baffled by something she read on the internet! SOOO, we may/may not have made her  mad! We just wanted to know??

Well, in the midst of trying to crack the case, we pissed off some Bsource readers! Funny! We love Bsource though! They love some Brandy as much as we do! Anywho… Bandy was suposed to be in Alabama tonight but didn’t make it. She did, however, enjoy dinner with BFF’s Omar and Keisha Epps followed by a few night spots in Hollywood! Hope those promoters in Alabama aren’t on twitter chile!

BIG NEWS on Brandy’s new show! A friend read and sent this to me:

Brandy’s set to hit the small screen for the third time. The singer turned “Moesha” and “Thea” actress has landed a role on ABC’s upcoming series “This Little Piggy.” The show is about a family man who is forced to take in his younger brother and sister when times get tough. Brandy plays the high maintenance wife of the younger brother, played by Jeff Davis. the show is set to kick off for the 2009-2010 season.


Sounds kinda cool huh? What do you think? Speaking of thw queen playing somebodies wife, she told her twitter followers that tonight the Paps were asking her if she and Tyrese were dating… we have decided thats not a good luck for our girl! Sorry Tyrese… Your a bit tooooooooooooo…hmmmm… SOFT!

2 Responses to “Brandy Update #70: TV SHow Details! Alabama Concert Drama…More!”
  1. Joe says:

    I think when Brandy said she wouldnt share out of respect for all the parties involved, she was referring to the “For The Love of Ray J” reunion show because she received many tweets about what happened that made the reunion show so “crazyyyy” as she had said.

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