Brandy Update #67: Brandy Gets NEW TV Role! Top 30 Songs!!!

Yes, Brandy confirms on Twitter that she got the role for a new TV pilot! I think what this means is that she will do a few episodes and then they will market the pilot to different networks! Its also been said that CW is already picking up the sitcom! We shall see! This is really good news! Brandy typed this after finding out…

YIKES!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what to do with myself.. tv here I come.. thank you for the support and the kind words:) love

Speaking of Twitter, Sonja Norwood (my mother-in-law) is on there and actually responded to me! She spoke of her mother, who was on for the Love of Ray. She is taking her on a memory trip where she is reuniting with all of her living siblings! Thats got to be amazing! She had some very encouraging words for followers! Check her out at

We updated the Upcoming events section so make sure you check that out to see when and where Brandy is going to be in the next few months! May is going to be crazy for her! She is going to be out of the country for the most part! Check it out here!

What are the Top 30 Songs! I am unveiling the list..

30. (Everything I Do) I Do It for You – Never Say Never (1998)
29. True – Human (2008)
28. Afrodisiac – Afrodisiac (2004)
27. Warm It Up (with Love) – Human (2008)
26. Tomorrow – Never Say Never (1998)

25. Right Here (Departed) – Human (2008)

24. One Voice – Never Say Never (1998)

23. Apart – Full Moon (2002)

22. Piano Man – Human (2008)

21. The Definition – Human (2008)

20. Torn Down – Human (2008)

19. Top of the World – Never Say Never (1998)

18. Human – Human (2008)

17. Never Say Never – Never Say Never (1998)

16. Camouflage – Human (2008)

15. A Capella – Human (2008)

14. Baby – Brandy (1994)

13. Have You Ever? – Never Say Never (1998)

12. Like This – Full Moon (2002)

11. Necessary – Afrodisiac (2004)

 10. Sittin’ up in My Room – Waiting to Exhale soundtrack (1995)

9. The Boy Is Mine (with Monica) – Never Say Never (1998)

8. I Wanna Be Down – Brandy (1994)

7. Fall – Human (2008)

6. Talk About Our Love (featuring Kanye West) – Afrodisiac (2004)

5. Say You Will – Afrodisiac (2004)

4. It’s Not Worth It – Full Moon (2002) /When You Touch Me – Full Moon (2002)

3. Nothing – Full Moon (2002)

2. Almost Doesn’t Count – Never Say Never (1998)

1. Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out – Full Moon (2002)

Remember the Afro Era??

5 Responses to “Brandy Update #67: Brandy Gets NEW TV Role! Top 30 Songs!!!”
  1. Durrell says:

    LOOK AT DEM LEGS! Yea Bran…get it! Man, “Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out” is prolly da song I put on repeat from Full Moon. What a great choice for #1!!!

  2. Repunique says:

    So happy for Brandy!!! Get em’ B.

  3. Case says:

    How “Brokenhearted” didn’t make the list is beyond me but cool post anyway. Love the love for Bran!

  4. Amir Hanton says:

    Gotta kiss those legs

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