Brandy Update #66: Brandy & Friends! (and 1 hater)

Okay so this blog is all about our girl Brandy but every now and again we like some material by other artists so this post is dedicated to the folks we (us & Brandy) like! …and we like Letoya Lucket! We Like whitney! We like Ray J! We Like Mamma Sonja! We love this new cut and video, “No Anymore.”

Was Torn better?

Brandy is on Twitter as you already know and I love it! She was hanging with Tyrese and had a audition for a cool role today! Wonder what it was for! I hope it was a movie! I want to B on the big screen! Don’t you? OH, BRANDY SAID SHE HAD A “HEAVY HEART” THE OTHER NIGHT! Wonder if Tyrese has anything to do with it! The two of them were on a three-way call with Jazmine Sullivan! That would be a crackin record!

And speaking of we love, Swizz Beats confirmed that he and whitney have been in the studio and that the first single is up and ready to go and that it is a SMASH! The last quarter of this year is about to be CRAZY yall!!! Mary is in the studio and she is eyeing supremacy!

Destiny’s child getting back together? Read more! What does Sandra Rose feel about Brandy’s unreleased track?

I’m not a fan of how she answered the question about a potential reunion! anyways… our favorite hater Sandra Rose had some kind words about Brandy’s  unreleaased trak…


Another yawner from Brandy. “Love Me the Most” is produced by B. Cox. This song is very uninspiring and her voice sounds flatter than usual. Brandy should just hang up her earphones, exit the sound booth and concentrate on raising her child. Maybe during her hiatus she will find the inspiration to come back and reclaim her former glory.

One Response to “Brandy Update #66: Brandy & Friends! (and 1 hater)”
  1. Tyrelle says:

    Man.. fuck Saundra Rosewood. Dat hoe look like sumbody grand mammy.. She a dike.. yea Saundra if u read dis.. u a dike… a ugly one LOL


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