Brandy Update #64: Real Brandy on Twitter! In the studio with…

We are on Twitter!! Follow us!


Speaking of Twitter, I am still not convinced that the REAL Brandy is on there for several reasons, even though I continue to follow! Ironically, when I went on there this morning I noticed that ForeverBrandy was no longer on there! When I clicked on the page it told me the page doesn’t exist. You try… Anyways, I am finding out later in the day that B is indeed on the site under… Add her peeps! I think this might be the real thing!


Brandy is in the studio with…

From time to time I browse youtube for folks who sing Brandy’s songs or I will see other starz posting videos on various sites.. Well I came across this woman KILLING Angel in Disguise! I think you need to check this out!

Brandy says she was in the studio with someone cool today on Twitter!

Wonder who? Who do you think? She could have been going back into the studio with Genuwine.. isnt he a singer and writer?


Did yall see Brandy on For the Love of Ray J. I didn’t really care for Unique but seems like B liked her! Surprised me! I was hoping she didn’t like any of them! LOL!


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