Brandy Update #63: New Pics, Sitcom?, Future Appearances!

Brandy was out and about this weekend in LA! Check out the puctures!

Looks lke she was taking care of a little business! I see a script or two in her hand! That can’t be bad news! Go B-Rocka!

Brandy will be on Monday night’s episode of “For the Love of Ray J! Don’t miss it! Speaking of TV appearance and sitcoms!!!….


Those pictures are apparently scripts for a CW/Touchstone sitcom where B will play a NY college student! CLICK HERE for more information!

Check out future scheduled appearances….

16: concert in Alabama at the University of Montevallo

7: Show in London’s Indigo2.
8: concert in Paris, at “Le Bataclan”.
9: Show in Amsterdam’s “Paradiso”.
15: Concert at the “Rockefeller” in Oslo, Norway

13: Concert at Miller Stage in Milwaukee, WI.

Check out these clips of Brandy recording “A Cappella” in the studio!


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