Brandy Update #62: New Appearances.

Have you all checked out the IloveBrandy 30 Greatest Hist? CLICK HERE! To check it out HERE!!

Brandy Performes “Torn Down” in Reno! I never seen this! Bad recording but you can kinda hear!

South Africa seems to be feeling the unreleased track “Drumlife” as much as we are here in the states! CHECK OUT WHERE THIS SITE RANKDS THE SONG HERE!
Rumor has it Brandy will be performing at the Long Beach Gay Pride in California in May. Its only a rumor but that would be.. interesting to say the least! Can we get a regular performance in California at a venue too?

Brandy is also scheduled to be in Milwaukee in June! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

Brandy covers Sauvv Magazine! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

One Response to “Brandy Update #62: New Appearances.”
  1. urIDol88 says:

    shanice sings brandy camouflage

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