Brandy Update #60: Is it True? Tyrese? New Video?

I need to clear a few things up! Imagine me clearing things up to “True” in the background, kay? Ummmm…. Why is somebody faking like they are Brandy on Twitter? How do you know Dominique? I am glad you asked! Brandy was in New York with Rihanna, Jay Z and Bey while the person perpetrating her was “at home and tiored after working the stage…”  Umm…. Brandy does not live in a Manhattan hotel room and she didn’t work nobodies stage! I smell fish!

Is it true that Brandy and John legend are busting out coordinatoing videos?

Several bloggers have confirmed that this is the case! I wonder what that video is gonna be like!??!?!? I think its a really clever idea…. You are going to bridge folowers of bother singers together! I hoper Brandy goes for storyline this time rather than the artistic stuff she likes… I think people like to relate to characters… not that I have a problem with burning walls and singing in the rain!

Tyrese records voice messages on a website and he recorded one with Brandy the other day where he speaks very highly of her! Check it out by going to You can listen to the message from 3/12/09. Really cute! He calls her his best friend ever!

Anyway.. he confirms that he is okay and the divorce has not gotten the best of him. He says his #1 priority is being an amazing father! Brandy co-signed! I have a lot of respect for him after hearing this…


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