BIG NEWS!!!! Brandy selects news Single?

Rumor has it… and one of my sources confirms that Brandy is indeed releasing a new single… but to my surprise, it is not 1st & Love.. it’s reported to be the amazing song, “FALL.”  That is my favorite song on the record, no doubt! Its also still floating that John Legend is dropping “Quickly” in early May. What is he waiting on? Assuming they will have a video, they will have to coordinate that since Brandy is going to overseas pretty heavily. I am assuming that the “Quickly” video rumors back in december and January were untrue. I am certain we would have seen photos. I am just happy that John Legends record label isn’t as sloppy as Epic. word has it the video for “Fall” will be artistically connected to the video for “Quickly.”

If this is any confirmation, Brandy’s twitter read the following last night, “New Single is coming.”


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