Brandy Update #59: FULL International. Tour dates!

Brandy aint playing with you guys overseas. The European tour is blowing up! Anwyays, she is Scheduled to be in Europe on May 15, 2009! Too bad I am not a world traveler! I would be right there with her! She will be performing at the Rockafeller! You find more details by clicker HERE! She will be doing additional performances in Sweden on rthe 14th and 15th but I have not gotten that far yet!

So just a s arecap… here are the overseas dates we have thus far:

May 7: “The indigO2” in London, Great Britain
May 8: “Bataclan” in Paris, France
May 9: “Paradiso” in Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 15: “Rockefeller” in Oslo, Sweden


Maybe its just me and and I have a bad memory but it kinda seems like ever snce SONY/BMG started doing the promo for Brandy in other countries, her media cverage has gotten better?


One Response to “Brandy Update #59: FULL International. Tour dates!”
  1. Mary says:

    I just got my tickets for Amsterdam a week ago *HAPPPPPPYYY* 🙂
    I am waiting for this chance for years know, and even the long way would not kill the thought .. I’ll be there with Brandy in Amsterdam !

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