Tyrese, Brandy, Divorce…

Tyrese has a waterproof prenuptual agreement that his ex-wife can’t see to be at peace with. Recent reports say that she feels she is somehow entitled to the $800K he made during their 10 month marriage. Meanwhile, folks are trying to figure out if he is or is trying to or would like or is thinking about hollerin’ at our girl Brandy! I know that because yesterday 197 people googled “Brandy and Tyrese” and landed on this blog! Well, I can’t say that I wouldn’t be rooting for this hookup although I wouldn’t want people saying that Brandy is the reason for the divorce. People are already so hard on Brandy for dishonesty in the past! Neverless the less, I believe these two love each other! I believe that there were some things that both of them had to experience before the time came when they could “try it out.” I think that time is nearing. it makes soooo much sense. Think about it!

Anyways back to Tyrese… Ms. Norma not only wants her car note, rent and $6K a month.. she wants a bigger chunk of what he’s got! Rumor has it she claims he was a bad father! Ouch Norma!

2 Responses to “Tyrese, Brandy, Divorce…”
  1. Nintra says:

    Dang he needs to be with our girl Brandy, she’d do him right. I’ve always liked Tyrese and was suprised to find out that he and Brandy dated in the past. I think it would be great! We’d get some great songs and Brandy can have herself a nice man.

    When she said “not a fiance or anything… it sucks” on the Tyra show, I really felt for her. I’m like man, Brandy is an amazing catch. These men should be trying to sweep her up. Anyway, I hope these two find their way to each other. But a little down the line, after his yucky divorce has settled lol

  2. Jib a.k.a. AfroJisiac says:

    ugh… lol

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