Poll of the Week: Best Opening Single?

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Last Week’s Poll: “Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out is your favorite song from 2002’s Full Moon Album

Week before’s Poll: An overwhelming 49% of you said you wanted Brandy’s Next release to be a third Single!

3 Responses to “Poll of the Week: Best Opening Single?”
  1. wHatGuddIE says:

    a fourth single and a unplugged then im like ok

  2. Nintra says:

    Oh wow I didn’t even vote. And I don’t think I can. That’s a really tough poll. So many good choices. I think I’d pick all of them except the album with Ray J 😛 lol

    But I had to be forced to choose, it’d have to be the Live Unplugged Album. OMG Brandy will do some damage with that one. I’d be at the show and have about 5 of the dvds lol

  3. J says:

    Why is Come a Little Closer not included??
    That’s the best track IMO.

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