Brandy Party Mix [Audio]

Check out this fan-made mix!


Thanks AfroJisiac from BrandySource!

11 Responses to “Brandy Party Mix [Audio]”
  1. Brise says:

    Let’s Party!!!!!! i love the new layout 🙂

  2. Dominique says:

    Thanks Brise… I like the mix too! Wish I was having aparty tonight just cause!

  3. jessy says:

    Ow Damn!! who made this???? that mix baaaaaaangs!!! i love that!!!

    and ur new layout is so cute!!

  4. Monique da Bran fan says:

    i’m usually afraid of some fan made mix or remix but i gotta say…this one is really really good! definitely worths bein’ played in a party, people would love that and discover bran again!

    and Applaud @ the Drumlife editing that’s just brilliant! whoever made it is pretty good! i love the vocals underneath the 2nd verse and the eeeend is amazingly made !!
    i found myself dancin’!!

    Brandy is just great! she needs to make some uptempos and let the world hear them!!!

  5. rockalove says:

    goddamn that shit is dope!!


  6. Lisa says:

    Oh Myyyyyy!! i love thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!
    i’m havin a lil get-together with some friends tonight at my house and i think i’m gon definitely play that mix right here!!!!

    it shits!!!!

  7. Jeff says:

    Just one word!! H.O.T.

    can u keep posting those typa mixes? i dig that one!

    More, more, more please!

    PS: i saw on zshare it was “Part I” do u know when u’ll have part II & more?

  8. Jib a.k.a. AfroJisiac says:

    oh my god! thanks u guys so much!! i have so much fun doin’ it!! i really appreciate the fact that y’all like it! and Domo! thanks so much for posting it!!

    U the greatest “grandpa” lol

    Ya boi!

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