Brandy Udpate #54: New Brandy Album & Single News!


Hey everyone!

Word on the street is that Brandy is working on album #2 with Epic to be released in late 2009. In the meantime, Brandy is finally planning an overseas trip to build upon the album’s success. The album was released by Sony/BMG/Epic in Japan a few weeks ago and has a March 20th release date in Germany. The album release in Germany will be with Sony/BMG. (LINK)

Single “Long Distance” is not yet dead… climbing to #10 on the Hot Dance charts this week. Here are last week’s numbers:

Hot Adult R&B Airplay #15
Hot R&B Hip Hop Airplay #52
Hot Dance Club Play #10
Hot R&B Hip Hop songs #52

One Response to “Brandy Udpate #54: New Brandy Album & Single News!”
  1. rockalove says:

    i cant wait to have that new album!! so bad Epic ain’t milkin’ HUMAN ..makes me upset!!

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