Brandy Update #49

Its wird t think that I have almost wrote 50 of these updates! I love Brandy and I am excited about seeing her in conceert on Vantine’s Day! I have not yet bought my ticket… I am not sure what I am waiting on. Maybe today is the day! Enough about Me! Brandy is still hanging in the Billboard 100, landing at #94 this week. Sales a re close to 175,000 units. Of course thats not ideal for week but its what we have to deal with it! I am think I am goin to go buy a few more albums this week. I am not sure why I always feel guilty when she doesn’t do well! Maybe its because I am her biggest fan!

Remember this? When Brandy and Kelly were the team to beat! Well Brandy has finally addressed the friendship between her and Kelly Rowland. Brandy said their friendship has not ended but they have simply gone in different directions. I can feel that! I know people always want to create drama so I appreciate Bran Bran clearing that up.

Every now and again I float overr to a Blog called coverlandia! They post fanmade album covers. I thought this one was cool!

Go to for more!

The Tibits! Brandy’s Long Distance Pop edit hits radios beginning Monday! Are you read? Y’all ever seen that picture of Brandy and her dad? I really like it! I will post it if you have not seen it!

One Response to “Brandy Update #49”
  1. Toby Page says:

    Thankyou for using my “Brandy – Human (Deluxe Edition)” CD Cover! I am happy you like.

    Take Care.

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