Brandy Update #48

I love this woman…

For some reason, I hyad a feeling that grapjuce interview would get folks going on Brandy! Never fails! Before the morning fell, Sandra Rose was on it! She had a little altercation with some of Brandy’s folks and Epic at an Atlanta night club.. actually she wasn’t really there but allegedly someone who loooked like her was told they couldn’t enjoy all of the benefits of the festivity. Since then, Ms. Rose has been a bit sour! NEVERtheless, she has highlighted Brandy’s love for Beyonce on her website and rallied her readers to make comments.. I am not sure she is a fan of Beyonce either…CLICK HERE TO READ! 

Rap-Up Magazine asks Brandy about Ray J. and Whitney! Here’s what B had to say…

Brandy and Ray J have become tabloid fodder for different reasons, but the R&B singer is finally laying to rest all the rumors surrounding her baby brother’s love life.


In the Winter issue of Rap-Up magazine, Brandy reveals word-for-word Ray J’s sentiments about his relationship with Bobby Brown’s ex-wife, Whitney Houston.

“Well, every time I ask Ray J about Whitney he always says that’s just his friend. He’s not dating her. And I don’t think that he would lie to me. I said, ‘Well Ray, that’s not the way it looks. People think that you and Whitney are in a relationship.’ He was like, ‘Well, that’s what they’re gonna think, but I’m telling you the truth and I’m not dating Whitney. Whitney and I are just really good friends and that’s it.’ When I ask Whitney, she says the same thing, unless they are just pulling the wool over my eyes. But I think he’s telling the truth.”

For more on Brandy’s favorite country artist and which actor-turned-singer she’d like to see play her in a movie, read “Pieces of Me” in the Winter 08/09 issue of Rap-Up, on sale now.

For more information about the magazine and the article, check out or CLICK HERE!

Here is how Brandy did on the radio over the weekend;

January 30
Pop: 5 spins ( = )
Rhythmic: 137 spins (-1)
Urban: 958 spins (+4)
Urban AC: 760 spins (+17)
BET: 4 spins ( = )
Spins: 1864 spins (+20)
Total spins: 14884 spins (+236)
Audience: 8.4 million (+0.184)
Total audience to date: 94.875 million (+1.181 )

January 31
AC: 1 spin (+1)
Pop: 5 spins ( = )
Rhythmic: 137 spins (-1)
Urban: 950 spins (-8)
Urban AC: 779 spins (+19)
BET: 4 spins (=)
Spins: 1876 spins (+12)
Total spins: 14884 spins (+271)
Audience: 8.595 million (+0.195)
Total audience to date: 96.557 million (+1.682)

February 1, 2009
AC: 3 spin (+2)
Pop: 5 spins ( = )
Rhythmic: 133 spins (-4)
Urban: 949 spins (-1)
Urban AC: 789 spins (+10)
BET: 4 spins ( = )
Spins: 1883 spins (+7)
Total spins: 15400 spins (+516)
Audience: 8.755 million (+0.160)
Total audience to date: 98.171 (+1.614)

 Not too bad.. hopefull it will pick back up a bit with the recent press! I think the grapejuice article might reboost the base a bit!

Speaking of the Grapejuice interview… I think Brandy really wants to push First & Love but the record label has some other ideas. I am not sure why I get that feeling. It IS good to know that a re-release is in talks! It makes so much sense for them to do this! I know everybody loves songs like Drumlife and Freedom but I don’t think they should be on the re-release! I think a NEW Timberland track would be HOT! It will be more of a “here is what I got in the works” re-release. Just my opinion. Those other songs have already circulated the internet pretty well! I LOVE new Brandy material! Bring it Back is my JOINT! Oh a, I need the John Legend fans to jump on this Quickly bandwagon so we can force these record labels to comply!


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