Brandy Reno concert Updates

Hey everybody! I called the box office and found out that tickets are selling pretty slowly. Apparently they have been available since January 17th. You can buy tickets in three tiers.. $61, $39, and $28. The women who I talked to said that the tickets were cheaper if you buy them at the box office. AS USUAL, the promo has been whack! I did notice that the Grand Sierra hotel has been posting information on Craigslist about the concert but they need to do some more marketing in Sacramento/Stockton areas… ASAP!

I just found out that Wild 102.9 is sponsoring this concert as an event duringt their 2nd Annual Big Deal’s Big hearted Benefit Weekend! random thing is that Brandy is not even on their top 20 playlist! Lets change that!

Other Stations:

KNEV (Magic 95) – Top 40
Magic Line: 775.829.0955
Business Line: 775.789.6700
Business Fax: 775.789.6767
Station Address: 595 E. Plumb Lane Reno, NV 89502
 Concert Information:

Just an update… Magic 95 e-mailed me letting me know they will have tickets next week.

One Response to “Brandy Reno concert Updates”
  1. Tayfromnc says:

    I bought my airline ticket/hotel room and brandy ticket a few minutes ago. I hope to see some of my fellow STARZ there. Really the flight and room was fairly inexpensive considering. Under $450 for both using

    See you in Reno.

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